For each analyst who’s been covering the recent technological evolution within the automotive sector, the driverless topic has been thoroughly covered from a variety of aspects (marketing, pure development and impact on the future). Given the fact that Audi recently announced massive updates regarding the complete deployment of “mainstream-ready” vehicles, let’s analyse this matter in more detail.


Audi’s Definition of “Driverless Experience” 

The driverless experience is a relatively complex matter. In 2018, when TESLA released their second version of the famous Autopilot, companies like Volvo were already looking to deploy their own version of this technology. Audi, after this happened, decided to build his own “fully autonomously driving” vehicles. For the German manufacturer, the driverless experience is all about building a vehicle which doesn’t require a driving seat, but it’s a mere form of automatic transportation. 


How Does Their Technology Operate? 

Audi’s technological evolution has been kept secret by their engineers until they revealed their first prototype in Geneve during the Car expo in 2015. With a futuristic design and with dozens of groundbreaking features, the car drives itself by relying on a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm which automatically translates what happens in the real world and within the vehicle’s surroundings into the head computer, which then automatically drives the car. 


The Market Value

Of course, when a company like Audi states that this will become an industry standard, the market responds. Currently, analysts from all over the world are saying that, whether in case this will happen, it will definitely impact every market within the automotive sector. From business van leasing to just Uber, chances that prices, architectures and actual implementations, this could be a game-changer worth billions of dollars. 


The Evolution Of The Matter 

Predicting the evolution of this technology, at the current stage, is almost impossible. As said above, there will definitely be bigger impacts on the market once Audi will actually launch their vehicles onto the mass market. 


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