With everything going on in the world right now it might put people off their dream of starting a business. But is there truly a good time to start a business? Depending on your product and service can completely vary whether now, next month or next year is the right time to get started. But highlighting some of the factors involved may (or may not) encourage you to get started or hold off on starting a business.

The Idea

Although you’ve likely done your research, it’s time to do more, the pandemic is likely to lead to a halt on the economy and your idea needs to be solid and sustainable in a unclear future. Check out recent online search trends, find out the audiences current needs and make sure suppliers are still available as you don’t want to get started and find out the supply or demand isn’t there anymore.

Look for Second Opinions

Whether you’re starting the business alone, with a partner or in a team getting some outside opinions is essential. Speak to people that aren’t invested in the idea as outside thoughts might identify any issues or improvements you can make to the idea, naturally this all needs to stay close to home.

Without disclosing too much about your plan, speaking to someone already in the target industry can also vastly help, it can be hard to identify flaws in your project with the excitement and passion that is mixed in with starting a business, so its key to reduce any risk as much as possible.

Legal Issues

Law and government rules are constantly changing during the pandemic so addressing all legal factors involved in your business is key to avoiding and pitfalls. Seeking out professional advice from corporate solicitors is the best way to cover all basis, along with creating any legal documents for your business and employees in the future.


Again, everything is changing in the UK and double checking on your plans for financing and operating the business needs to be checked before making any commitments. Costs of supplier may also inflate in the aftermath of COVID-19 so it’s important to make sure it still suits your margin and the business will be profitable.

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