Black Friday has not become a popular trend in many countries, benefitting the high street with inflated sales and consumer with discounted goods. It can be difficult to determine whether something has been discounted and offer a better value product or if it is just a sales ploy to increase sales and make customers think they are getting better value. Here’s a look at four things to look out for on Black Friday to ensure you receive good value for money.


Percentage Discount

A percentage discount of ranges is always a good sign when looking for the best offer. You can’t always be sure if products that have been marked down already have actually been discounted, they may have already been on sale, and you aren’t actually gaining from the Black Friday weekend. Percentage discount gives you a sense of assurance that you discount is coming off the current price, and you should also look out for discount prices off sale items, stores can make this a big deal or keep it subtle, so it’s best to ask the question if you’re unsure on a purchase.



Takes some notes of product you want before the black Friday weekend hits. This will help you decipher whether you are getting a good deal or not. With electrics, it’s best to have some items you want ready and decide on black Friday whether the discount is good enough to warrant the purchase. Products such as headphones, TV’s and laptops tend to be heavily discounted during this time of the year to help move older stock and create a buzz around the store.


Online Offers

Initially, the discounts were for the Friday, and now it has moved onto being a full weekend occasion, which includes cyber Monday. Cyber Monday tends to be the highlight for online stores and after accessing the weekends taking they might even offer even more discount to incentivise additional sales. Smaller boutique stores are known to change their discount more sporadically, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on both small and big stores.



Most clothing brands use the weekend as an opportunity to move their older stock out of the store. By selling the old stock, it gives them the ability to add new lines ready for shoppers and the holidays. Buying men’s full tracksuits, caps, dresses and much more can be a great idea during this weekend as the prices can be heavily reduced depending on the brand.

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