Whether you’re living with bay, straight or both types of windows, there’s plenty of ways to dress them up that you probably don’t know about. Windows are an essential part of the home, especially in these uncertain times, so if you’re looking to add a little more beauty for the natural light of your home, here are some window dressing ideas.

Roll Up Roman Blinds

Bespoke blinds are a really popular choice for modern homes and roman styles are a current favourite. It’s a roll-up style which is a simple yet beautiful choice for conservatories, as they are often seen with floral bright designs to match a garden. You can also roll them up to different heights to control sunlight during the bright days and they give the home a luxe feel as you can coordinate with different fabrics in the space.

Cafe Curtains

A wonderful look for any kitchen, a cafe curtain sits on the halfway point of the window and adds a traditional feel to any kitchen. You can add to the look with potted plants next to it along with some create kitchen decore for a ‘cluttered kitchen’ finish. A piece of voile fabric is always best in the kitchen and the cafe-style still lets in plenty of light, and to top it off, its a super cheap option if you’re looking for an affordable revamp.


An effortless style that is certain to make a room stand out. It’s only been recent years that this style has become accessible again, but its a great choice for bedrooms and any other room you want to completely block out light from. Although they do look like an expensive purchase, you’ll have ample choice from MDF to hardwood to make it purchase that suits your budget.

Sheer Curtains

A traditional style with a modern take, if you want the perfect combination of privacy and light that a sheer style should be on your list. The designs can add a luxury chic to any room and are often used for dressing rooms that you want light to come in to but don’t want passers-by to be able to look in. if you want a white glow in your living or dining room, browse sheer styles in voile or chiffon fabric.

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