Proper organization of business processes is one of the main components of success. Therefore, the majority of leading companies are in earnest about sales management and some other important things intended to improve their enterprise’s work. This software is used in order to simplify and speed up sales, increase business effectiveness, win more customers and get more profit. In fact, almost every modern company uses some sales management systems because of their usability and even necessity.

5 Best Sales Management Software To Make Your Business Successful

Nowadays you can find a plenty of different systems and apps claimed to help you to reach great results. However they are really different and accomplish various tasks. The basic sales software features, which a good system should usually offer, are the following ones:

  • sales monitoring
  • lead management
  • data automation
  • sales forecast
  • contract management

Some kinds of software may have more functions and tools. They are very different, that makes it is very uneasy to choose one, which meets all the requirements and really suits your company. Therefore, we have analyzed many different systems in order to learn their pros and cons. And in this article we consider 5 best sales management software.


This software is a very special one because it is the only representative of CRM-driven system, which means that bpm’online combines several useful BPM and CRM products. It is easy-to-use and makes it possible to take advantage of software for sales management, marketing and customer service within one system which helps business people to avoid spending too much time on filling the same data every time. It can offer a wide range of useful tools and extra services, including the followings:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Contract management
  • Product management
  • Document flow automation
  • Project management
  • and many others

In addition, the software enables the company’s leader to decide to what tools and data this or that manager has access, to use out-of-the-box processes, to analyze and control projects. The system also supports many document formats, easily deals with different services and stores useful information about clients and orders. So you have all the necessary data at hand at any time. It also has several versions in order that you can choose the most appropriate one.

Learn more about bpm’online on the official website

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM takes the second place in our list of best software for sales management. This system has not so many tools as the previous one. However it is also an efficient online sales software, offering various wholesome functions, including sales process and lead tracking, sales forecasting, lead management, effectiveness monitoring, email sending automation and some others. The system is developed mainly for small and medium companies. The software may seem a bit complicated at first sight and it takes some time to get used to the system. Fortunately the developers provide users with a learning center, where one can learn to work with the system and see demos and webinars.

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Choosing this sales management software businesspeople enjoy such advantages as lead management, custom sales workflow, automated email marketing, custom development team access, automated lead routing, reporting and some others. It was developed as software for sales management only. The system is not CRM software, but at the same time the developers offer some other solutions, supported by SalesExec. So you can easily combine several products. Its main feature is a very efficient, modern lead management with real time reports and instant adding or importing leads, which supports different systems and formats.

For more information, visit the official developer`s website


Salesnet CRM takes the fourth place in our list. It combines several important systems, including online sales software, project management, marketing automation, customer service and some others. Although there are so many tools, the system is simple enough and it allows easy access to all the necessary functions. Moreover, there are online trainings and webinars on the website, so that users could get their questions answered. Unfortunately, the system provides only three versions and they are not ranged according to the size of business. However the system offers trial version, which enables you to decide in advance if the software suits your company.

You can learn more about this software on the official website

Really Simple Systems

This CRM system may become a good choice for beginners, who just starts exploring software for sales management. As one can guess by its name, Really Simple Systems is quite simple-to-handle. It has not too much tools but at the same time it is a useful online CRM sales software with integrated email marketing module and customer service software. Although the system is not too complicated, there is a special video intended to help beginners to start. In addition, there are several different versions, including a limited free version for small businesses. You can also take a two weeks trial, which enables you to become acquainted with all its functions.

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