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How to Prepare for the IRONMAN

Triathlon is not three independent sports, but a single sport with three different disciplines. It is evident that if we embark on the adventure of Triathlon and our sport of origin is swimming, cycling or athletics, the training volume of your specialty will decrease considerably, to accommodate the other two disciplines. But do not worry, that your best efforts will not be diminished by this issue, for that there is the cross-training in Triathlon, which will allow us to improve a discipline through the training of the other two.

Everything we do in each of these disciplines will bring benefits to the other two. Triathlon training has a great advantage, and we have three disciplines, which help improve your overall resilience.

With cross-training, we take advantage of one discipline’s and energy levels to perform with less intensity in another, obtaining, among other advantages, the same or greater benefit but reducing time, and reducing risk of injury.

For example, you can do an intense cycling session in the morning, on the roller and in the afternoon do a 40-minute swim. Or if the objective of the session is a long walk, we can warm up by biking and about 40-50 minutes of a roller, and then go jogging.

Surely there are many who think that in a long-distance triathlon, swimming is a process and that the real advantage is taken over the bike and on foot, and there is something true in this reasoning. But we must not forget that water training is not only swimming training but also compensates for other sessions and loads, helping to stretch the body, reinforcing the “core”, improve back problems, relax the muscles, without forgetting that it helps improve your aerobic capacity that will go so well in cycling and running.

If you’re looking for the next step to tackle a triathlon, don’t forget there are resources available. Meredith Atwood is a four-time IRONMAN triathlete and a certified USA Triathlon and Weightlifting Level II Coach. She is the owner and operator of swimbikemom.com, an excellent website where you can get information on how to start preparing for your next IRONMAN event—or your first triathlon. Her book, Triathlon for the Every Woman is a best-seller.

Despite being a mom, she still manages to take out time to train. Her approach for triathlon training has been regarded by many as groundbreaking, and she has managed to build a cult following of people who look to her for advice and to help improve their skills. She has even appeared on television as an expert in triathlon training.

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