Becoming an entrepreneur is all about having that ability to sense opportunities, the ability to grab them, and the skill set to maximize on them. While some people possess innate entrepreneurial skills, others have to learn their way through experience.  Dean Akers was one of the former ones who had an eye for ventures and an unprecedented ability to make the most out of every single opportunity.

Born in 1952, Dean is a renowned entrepreneur, a public speaker, and an author. Upon graduation from the University of Florida and earning his B.Sc. Advertising, he joined Linder Machinery in Lakeland Florida. Dean showed utmost skills and hard work at his job which led him to become the Sales Vice President. This was when his true abilities outshined those of his coworkers. With the same team of people, Dean managed to double the sales figures from $50M to $103M. Although his unique skills were evident to his employers from the beginning, this feat went on to thump Dean’s authority in this area.

Dean Akers was fully aware of the arsenal he was equipped with. He wanted to do something bigger, which is why he went on to purchase a dying tire business. A few years later, it became one of the most popular commercial tire company. After getting this company back on its feet, Dean sold it and decided to take some time off. However, things were not meant to remain stagnant for a man with marvel entrepreneurial brilliance.

Over the years, Dean had realized that he was exceptionally well at heading departments and ventures. The humble-man decided to use this ability to help other CEOs groom themselves and run prolific businesses of their own. This mere thought led to the formation of ‘Adjunct CEO’ where Dean himself trained and equipped the CEOs of tomorrow with the tricks of the trade. The company has expanded over the years. It also offers for temporarily managing the position of CEO for companies that are undergoing transition.

Dean is also the founder of Condo Coaches. This is a consultancy service for the elites in the condominium management business. Through Condo Coaches, Dean assists BODs and property owners spread across 48 different states. In addition to his own business ventures, Dean has also performed his duties as the COO of LM Funding, a company listed at NASDAQ. He has also served as the CEO of HemWell America which uses ‘Ultroid’—a medical device—to revolutionize modern medical practices.

Dean Akers has helped a lot of different companies through the years to expand their sales and run efficiently amassing a combined increase of over 500M dollars. In addition to being a renowned CEO for multiple countries, Dean is also a famed author. His book, “52 Wows: A Relationship Guide for Men and Self Talk, Think like a Child” is worthy of a read, and is available at Amazon. Want to know more about Dean Akers? Find more information about his successful life through the link,

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