Many people believe that nursing homes are dark, depressing places—and, in some cases, with reason. A number of nursing homes have been neglected for years, the infrastructure deteriorating, the management lax, the staffing inadequate. But times are changing, with entrepreneurs like Kenneth (Kenny) Rozenberg leading the way. Founder and CEO of Centers Health Care, Rozenberg has designed a business model for the 21st Century nursing home.

Centers Health Care identifies facilities that are failing both physically and financially, acquires them and invests heavily in renovation and renewal. The company now consists of 49 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in New York State, Rhode Island, Missouri, Kansas, and New Jersey. Here are some nursing home myths that certainly don’t apply to these facilities.

1.      Nursing Homes Have the Same Vibe as Hospitals

Although some aspects of a nursing home–where residents require intensive care and are severely ill–might have facilities similar to those in a hospital, a high-quality nursing home is designed to feel more like a home.

2.      The Elderly Are Stripped of Their Rights

Nursing home residents maintain all their rights and, together with their families, make all their own decisions with regard to their treatment and care.

3.      All Residents Are Severely Ill

In fact, many residents are in good health. Nursing homes simply offer them an opportunity to socialize and engage in a range of activities.

4.      Nursing Homes Are Depressing

The new model for nursing homes features bright colors, lively activity, and social interaction.

5.      Residents Are Treated Poorly

The top nursing homes, such as those in Centers Health Care, make it a point to ensure that they treat every patient with extreme care and the highest level of respect.

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