Food intake, be it any part of the world, is among the key concerns of societies. With the rise of inorganic food and even fresh vegetables, getting access to clean crops was far too difficult of a task. Katy Lesser understood the opportunity and decided to take a step. This was the advent of Healthy Living Market and Café.

Drive To Make a Change

Katy Lesser wanted to do good for the society, she wanted to offer what lacked in the market, organic food! In 1986, she set the foundation of Healthy Living Market and Café as a retail shop where people could find all the organic items to their liking. Back then, there weren’t much regulations or standardization of what lied in the in the ‘organic’ category. The lines were too vague, yet Katy made an attempt. She co-founded the company with her son and daughter in Burlington Vermont.

Katy worked day and night to make the store a success and the market for organic food was only in its infancy back then. She had to ensure that fresh stock is available to the buyers at any given time. Since the demand was fairly lower, her store was quite small as well, just enough to keep it running. Healthy Living Market and Café focused on the market that is health conscious and wants to avoid unnecessary chemicals from entering the body.

The Inventory

Being a health conscious store, all the products were organic and freshly grown. Here, people could find anything healthy form vegan items to gluten-free food including cheese, bread, meat and more. Around 26 years of making a name in the market, the family decided to expand the number of stores and in 2012, opened another one in Saratoga, Springs, New York.

Healthy Living Market and Café made a promise to its customers that by the year 2019, it would completely banish the use of antibiotics, added hormones, bromated flour, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives, and a bunch of other items that are deemed harmful to the body to any certain extent.

Due Recognition

Healthy Living Market and Café has received due recognition over the years. At the time of the opening of their NY store, The Business Journals covered them from every angle bringing them to the limelight. Upon asking, the CEO Katy Lesser said that she found the community to be just perfect to have a health-oriented store in their neighborhood.

The store was also brought to limelight by The Seattle Times wrote a piece on them saying that although for a premium price, Healthy Living Market and Café was a common spot for many people like Diane Nancekivell to buy organic foods.

Another feature that the store got was on The Daily Gazette who praised the store for being on point with their new logo which grabs the attention through its “crisp, bright, clean-lined rendition to a heart-shaped apple”.

Seven Days, an online magazine in Vermont also went on to talk about the Healthy Living Market and Café. They called it the best locally-owned store chain inside Chittenden County. In a separate article, they claimed Healthy Living Market and Café to be the best place if you feel like having a CBD drink.

Healthy Living Market and Café has come a long way since its inception in 1986. It now employees over 150 people in both its stores combined. To learn more about this family venture, visit

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