It goes without saying that the standards of art history are continuously evolving into something that is more fitting to the age that we’re currently living in. However, in the midst of the change and evolution that is constantly occurring in the world when it comes to art, it is the job of the art curator to come into the picture and to make sense of whatever it is prior to contemplating where exactly art is headed. The actual role of the art curator is to deal with the responsibility of arbitrating in the midst of the institutions, the artist and of the public itself. This responsibility is not just applicable to one median but to all.

However, if you’re an artist, then you’re probably well aware of how important it is for you to have an art curator that deals with you and helps ease the troubles of not knowing which step to take next. The curator also acts as the counselor for an artist that is completely lost and has little to no understanding of what they should be doing next in order to get ahead in life.

Thus, here are some art curators and art curation companies that you should know of:

General Public

In the wake of 2017, Portia de Rossi founded General Public to ensure that artists all around the globe received the recognition that they deserved. Her endeavor was simple and the purpose was to help people gain a better understanding of what they should be doing. General Public is an art curation company which also redesigns the work of artists through 3D Synography. General Public is LA based and is one of the most renowned art curation companies around the area.

Thelma Golden

Thelma Golden has curated at several venerable museums and has earned quite a reputation for being one of the most renowned curators around the area. Thelma grew up in Queens and is currently serving as a director and chief curator at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The museum itself is renowned all across the globe and is one of the top ones for both, new and old artists around the world.

Okwui Enwezor

Dubbed to be one of the most powerful people within the world of art in the year 2014, Okwui Enwezor continues to rise as one of the most renowned and best-known curators in the art world. He has helped many people become known and has continuously started to become more refined by the day. He has also hosted many exhibitions for new and upcoming artists from across the globe.

There are many other art curators and art curation companies across the globe, with many of them being simply the best when it comes to this. The undeniable fact of it all is that any new artist absolutely needs an art curator to help make their endeavor all the better since a curator can guide them in the right direction and offer them help when and if they need it.

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