Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human existence. In the present day, little to no action is being taken to eradicate the problem of average temperatures rising. Regions that are closer to the equator are experiencing an influx of heatwaves annually that are threatening the lives of many locals. In fact, heatwaves outbreak in regions of South Asia has killed thousands of people till date.

On the other hand, we recently experienced the excruciatingly cold weather in many parts of the world including Chicago in the USA. The city alone experienced a winter that broke all records. These are concerning  impacts of climate change that continues to prevail and is set to affect billions of people around the globe.

If human beings are not taking the problem of climate change seriously, then in the next decade, we could see our resources getting exhausted and the lives of people at a huge risk. Change in climate will continue to take lives if we are not going to take into account some actions to control and mitigate the risks of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution is the sole cause of the deteriorating climate condition around the world, and the fundamental reason behind the problem is our lifestyles. On a daily basis, billions of people on earth are committing harmful practices that continue to threaten the environment. There is a dire need to unite against the harm being caused to the environment and controlling the nemesis of climate change. Here is what can be done:

Recycling – Waste products need to be recycled appropriately on a household and industrial level. Many people are indulged in toxic habits and are constantly causing harm to the environment by not properly disposing of products like plastic bottles and shopping bags. The usage of plastic is, in fact, among the most significant problems because our oceans are being adulterated with plastic.

Using renewable energy – There is a desperate need for campaigns against industrial pollution caused by corporations, especially the industrial giants, because they routinely utilize fossil fuels to run their operations. These corporations need to shift towards renewable energy in order to conserve the environment.

In fact, different cities  are implementing different strategies in order to bring a positive change. A remarkable example can be given from a region called Hatta that is located a few hundred kilometers away from Dubai’s city center. Under this project 7000 PV panels were installed, Etihad ESCO has joined hands with multiple other companies to implement the project successfully. The project is generating around 3.6 kWh of energy per year.

Saving water – It may sound like clichéd advice but these are the direst circumstances, and we need to act now. The world is running out of the water, and many regions on earth are already experiencing a problematic shortage. South Africa is a big example where, in a lot of regions, water has become a precious commodity.

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