People who live in cold areas should prepare their hot rods for winter. This is an important moment for many real car guys. If our car is tuxked away safely, we will be able to make sure that it will save from the exposure of frost and snow. When the spring finally arrives, our car will be more than ready. In general, we should make sure to keep our car clean before storing it for the winder. We should be aware that dirt could harden during a cold day. It will be very hard to remove them in the spring and we could actually find permanent blemishes. Getting the crud off in during the spring would be troublesome.

Little time we invest during the winter could save us plenty of time later. We should also clean the interior and it is actually possible that some critters take refuge in our car. The best kind of garage that can withstand winter is made from concrete. Unlike garage made from wood, moisture won’t be able to penetrate easily and our garages will be cleaner from vermin. Moisture may actually get inside the garage, so it is important to prevent it. Water vapour could cause different kinds of electrical problems, especially with the plug wires and computer chips. All exposed metal surface on our car, could have a thin coat of rust.

It is important for us to put a car cover on the car. This will prevent dust from settling on the painter surface. Breathable car cover is quite cheap and often, it is all we need. Some car owners don’t have concrete garage and their best bet is to use breathable car cover. We may use a large drop cloth made from plastic and a standard breathable car cover. Drop cloth can be used as the inner vapour barrier and we could hold it on our car with proper duct tape. In this case, we can create a cocoon, standard car cover can be placed on the top and the drop cloth can be used as the base.

When preparing our car for winter, we should change the oil and fill the tank. When the gas tank is completely full, there will be no room for cold air to reside. It means that there will be minimal moisture in the gas tank. We also need to throw in a little anti-freeze and fuel stabilizer substance for good measure. In this case, we will make sure that the oil will not be contaminated with sludge. Because the muscle car won’t be moving for several months, we will make sure that it won’t be contaminated with oil. This could be considered as a cheap insurance to ensure that the car will work properly during spring.

As our car is preparing to hibernate, we can put it on jack stands. This will prevent air leakage problem on tires, especially if the floor will be quite cold. So, that’s all there’s to it. The car should be fully prepared for winter and our muscle car will be prepared again for the bright spring in the next few months.

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