Netflix has proved itself to be one of the most effective streaming apps for shows and movies. It has made it easy for everyone to track on the latest episodes and watch the newly released movies. However, while Netflix may be good to keep your fussy kid from throwing tantrums by streaming an episode of Peppa Pig, there are things you don’t want your child to watch. Luckily, Netflix allows the features which would allow you to limit the kind of shows your kid can watch on Netflix.

I stumbled across various features of Netflix Parental Control which helped limit the no. of shows and movies, the kids in my house watched.  Here are the 5 things I noticed when I started using Parental Control in Netflix.

  1. “Can you Block certain shows on Netflix?”

Many people have asked me, “Can you block certain shows on Netflix?” Well, you cannot. Netflix hasn’t added the feature yet to their parental control policy. If your kid wants to watch a show which is beyond their maturity level, most you can do is refuse or accompany them to monitor.

  1. However, I can limit the type of shows the kids watch

Since you cannot bock certain shows, what you can do is add maturity levels to your kids’ Netflix account. When you check the Parental Control feature, you will notice that there are four kinds of maturity levels Netflix offers. This can be used easily to put a check on the shows that you don’t want your kids to watch. You can simply select the maturity level for the Netflix account your kid uses. These levels range from little kinds, older kids, teens to adults.

  1. Setting a PIN is the easiest way to secure Netflix account

To control the shows your kids watch, the easiest way is to set a PIN which only you know. Just follow the steps below-

  • Log on to Netflix and click on your account.
  • Go to Parental Control from Settings.
  • Enter your Netflix password.
  • Once you do that, you can choose the ratings according to maturity level and then put a PIN so that your kids can’t change it.
  • These changes will be applied to all devices with your Netflix account.
  1. I can limit the shows by creating a separate account for kids

Well, you don’t want the kids to watch certain but you have all rights to watch them. Putting various controls on the account which you and your kids both use can be exhausting since you will have to undo them once you use Netflix. Thus, you can make a separate account for kids and put the necessary pin and maturity level on that account while enjoying the shows that suits your age.

  1. There is no Netflix Parental Control Time Limits

Unfortunately, I can’t limit the time the kids spend on Netflix. If only there were a Netflix parental control time limits feature, I could ensure a proper screen time for the children at home. The best option which I found very effective is using third party applications like mSpy which provides parental control features. I can use this app to lock my kid’s device after an extended screen time. So, if they use Netflix on any of the device at home while I’m sleeping, they can’t use more than the time I have set through these apps.

Netflix is a great option to watch movies and shows. However, don’t let it influence your kids too much. Use the Netflix parental control features to make sure your kid’s innocence is maintained for their age. Have a fun family time by watching your favorite show together and feel secured knowing that your kid is watching is the right show for their age when left alone with the account.


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