Thanks to the power of the internet, global news, and social media, the world is shrinking in terms of being able to reach out to experts. Whatever your issue, be it a broken boiler, a new school, or a hotel for the weekend, it doesn’t take much digging to find someone able to help you. Through these resources, people are also becoming more aware of their rights or at least where to get information and help from, and one of the biggest areas that people seek information of is family law.

Helping Your Family Through The Domestic Legal Minefield

The legal profession has many branches and offshoots and such is its complexity that a solicitor will train for years to become an expert in just one section. Everyone is familiar with the concept of criminal since it forms the basis of many TV dramas and film plots. But the criminal side is just one aspect of this difficult subject and for any one lawyer practicing in criminal law, there are many others focusing on different aspects of our lives. These sub-sets include, Statutory law – mostly concerning laws passed by government and international legislative bodies – , procedural law, civil law, environmental law, and, of course, family law.

This last branch of the legal profession concentrates on the areas of law that deal with family matters. This may include:

  • Marriage and Domestic Partnerships:

A deep understanding of the various legal aspects of matrimonial and common-law partnerships includes the actual laws regarding marriage as well as associated issues such as pre-nuptial agreements.

  • Paternity Issues:

The family lawyer will be well versed in the legal aspects of establishing genetic relationships as well as the complicated issues that can eschew from them.

  • Adoption and Child Services:

Always seen as the most vulnerable members of society, children and their welfare play a huge role in the family lawyers work. Family lawyers can advise on all aspects of adoption and surrogacy.

Family lawyers work closely with the law courts system to ensure that any issues within families – or even between families – are resolved satisfactorily. These issues may include divorce, domestic abuse, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, and family rivalries. All of these are highly emotive subjects which can enrage and people and lead to highly charged situations. Because of the extra emotion associated with family events, this class of lawyer needs to have a cool, straight-headed personality and be quick to defuse potentially explosive situations. People will always err towards the emotional in family situations, and part of the role of the family lawyer is to act as diplomats while enforcing the letter of the law.

The Berkson Globe Partnership was established in 1997 as a dedicated family law practice. They offer a full range of advice, support, and legal services cover all aspects of family law and child protection services. Berkson Globe is accredited by the Law society’s prestigious Children, Family Law and Advanced Family Law Panels. Berkson Globe is happy to receive your enquiries.

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