Getting braces is often a life-changing event, and it definitely takes some getting used to. But the result, in the end, is priceless, and you’ll undoubtedly be smiling more often once your braces are removed. But whilst braces result in a great smile, you should also remember that there’s a proper way of taking care of them. So how do you make sure that your braces are adequately cared for? Here’s how to take proper care of the braces on your teeth.


Brush regularly

This goes without saying, but when you have braces, it’s even more important to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth regularly will help prevent the buildup of plaque on the teeth, but when you have braces, you should pay more attention to brushing regularly, especially after every meal, because the braces can easily trap food between the teeth. Aside from brushing regularly, you should floss regularly and rinse your mouth with mouthwash as often as possible as well.

Proper brushing with braces

There is also a proper way to brush your teeth if you have braces. First, take off whatever elastics you have on your braces and take off any other parts which are removable. Next, you should hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees, so you can properly clean the area around the braces’ wires as well as the braces’ pins. Proper brushing means brushing from the top of every wire to the bottom. You should make sure to brush meticulously – don’t be in a hurry; every particle or debris needs to be removed. This goes for both the upper teeth and the lower teeth.

The third step is to brush your actual teeth. Each tooth should be individually cleaned; for this, your toothbrush should be at an angle of 45 degrees as well, then move your toothbrush in a circular manner or motion. Each tooth should be brushed this way for about 10 seconds. Pay attention to all the surfaces of the teeth, particularly those on the inner side.

Proper flossing

As mentioned, flossing is equally important. You should floss at least once per day as recommended by an experienced orthodontist from the Ashburn VA firm American Braces Smile Center; if you want, you can use a floss product which has been specially made for people with braces so you are sure that you’re doing it right.

Once you are finished brushing your teeth, check your mouth thoroughly just to make sure that there is no debris or particles left behind. You should also have scheduled visits to your orthodontist as they may need to adjust the wires and other components of the braces to optimize performance and efficiency.

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