There are different branches in the field of medical science. Physiotherapy treatment is an alternative form of treatment which is given with or without medicines depending on the particular case. It is an external form of treatment which is usually given in the case of chronic pain, muscle pull, tissue tear, accidents, physical trauma, post surgery and the likes. The treatment is given by expert physician known as a physiotherapist. The treatment usually involves set of exercises along with equipments. There are various therapies which are given based on the case in question. An expert can only decide which therapy will be suitable to the patient considering his medical condition. There are also modern equipment that are used for effective treatment of a patient which can help him cure in a minimum period.

The Benefits Of Electrotherapy Treatment and Equipments Used For The Same

About Electrotherapy Treatment

The electrotherapy is most commonly used forms of treatment in the department of physiotherapy. It helps in getting relief from muscle spasm, enhance motion, increase blood circulation, manage pain or relieve acute pain after trauma. The Electrotherapy is the use of electric energy for the purpose of medical treatment. It can be used for many reasons which include brain stimulation for treatment of neurological ailments. It can also be used for healing the wounds.

About Electrotherapy Equipment

The electrocare physiotherapy equipments make use of electrical stimulation for treatment of injury and pain. The electrotherapy devices include TENS units, EMS machines, IFT equipments and MENS machine. The electrotherapy treatment is mostly used by coaches, Doctors, trainers, therapists, and athletes.

  • The TENS is electric stimulation equipment with lower risk used for reducing acute pain. The device makes use of low frequency with high intensity or vice versa for the treatment. It is used for treating labor pain, nerve pain, Arthritis and lower back pain.
  • The EMS makes the use of electric signals for muscle contraction. The technique can be used on healthy and fit individuals as well for enhancing the muscle strength. It is very popular in sports training for athletes. It is also used for immobilized patients.
  • The MENS equipment is used for sending low-frequency electric current for enhancing the healing process, treat macular degeneration in old age, recovery of the ruptured ligament and tendon repair.
  • The IFT equipment makes use of two high-frequency signals which are simultaneously passed through the skin. This leads the currents to cross their paths and interfere. The IFT is believed to be effective in reducing pain just like that of TENS.

Advantages of Electrotherapy are as under:

  • The home electrotherapy equipment is helpful in tightening of muscles which are causing pain in the back and neck. It will also help in preventing the migraine.
  • The electrotherapy treatment can also help in reducing the muscle spasm of back thereby reducing chronic back pain.
  • It is helpful in the building of the muscle tone offering enhanced muscle strength.
  • The treatment is also helpful for cardiac patients as it improves the heart strength thereby reducing the medications.