The coming twist of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran can show that Juhi can warn Avni to induce her married to Neil inside twenty four hours instead she’s going to take Mishti faraway from Neil forever.

Neil loves Mishti vastly however he’s not aware that Mishti isn’t his female offspring associate degree instead she is Vidyut’s female offspring. Avni and Ali have began to have a doubt regarding this and Ali insists Avni to inform Neil regarding her doubts however Avni doesn’t wish to inform Neil something until she has proofs. Avni fears that Neil are going to be shattered if he finds out that Mishti is Vidyut’s female offspring and not his. Moreover, Bebe too decides to inform the reality to everybody regarding Mishti’s paternity as Maddy and Kareena gets reclaimed from Vidyut’s lure.

However, before Bebe will reveal the reality to anyone, Juhi plays her evil trick as she electrocutes Bebe within the toilet and Bebe goes into Coma. Juhi’s arrange succeeds as she is in a position to prevent Bebe from revealing the reality to anyone. However, Avni is the truth and she or he can begin a mission to seek out the proof about Mishti’s real paternity. Moreover, Neil can come back to grasp that Avni is activity one thing from him and thus he can build her bear a polygraph check to create Avni reveal the reality. can Avni tell the reality to Neil and succeed to prevent Juhi from blackmailing her and marrying Neil? keep tuned for up to date news, future story updates and spoilers on Naamkaran.

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