With the house market still being flat, many home owners have decided to hang on to their properties and upgrade them rather than sell and move. There are many things you can do to improve the look of your home which as a bonus also increases its value. Converting a basement into another room or an attic into an extra bedroom are just two of the ways of adding value to a property.

Building an extension will not only enhance the look of your property but add a few thousand onto its price tag too. Another way is to install frameless sliding doors both on the interior or exterior of your property and these days there’s a great choice of designs on the market from companies like Cantifix.

Offering Uninterrupted Views

The beauty of frameless glass sliding doors is that when they are closed they provide an uninterrupted view of the great outdoors when installed on the exterior of the property. The same applies if they are fitted on the interior and used as dividers or partitions between rooms. This is particularly useful and attractive if used to separate a kitchen from other parts of the house keeping any cooking odours where they should be and not throughout the home.

There’s a great choice of designs on the market and whether you opt for sliding and track or bi-folding doors, they are all fully retractable allowing a room to be opened up or closed off as needed and this applies to doors fitted in conservatories, lounges or any other exterior setting around your property. They are ideal when installed on an exterior wall that opens out onto a terrace, a swimming pool area or beautiful wooden decking offering panoramic views of a garden.

How To Upgrade Your Home With Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Single or Double Glazed Options

If you live on a busy street and have to put up with traffic noise or you live in a colder and windier area of the country, you have the option to choose double glazed frameless glass sliding doors and can have them installed externally to cut down noise and keep the warmth in. The thing to bear in mind is that double glazed options meet all building regulations currently in place which includes U-values as well as weather proofing whereas single glaze may not.

Versatility and Innovative Solutions

Frameless glass sliding doors offer home owners a fantastic way of enhancing their properties whether it’s on an interior arch, around corners or where walls are curved or straight. The innovative retractable systems offer a brilliant way to separate areas of a home using glass partitioning. This allows natural light to filter through to areas which might otherwise be rather dark. Each glass panel is independent of the other offering a clear and wide opening which allows the panels to be positioned at any point in a track to allow airflow into a room.

No More Boundaries

Where once clear and defined boundaries existed within a home or to the outside of a property, the use of frameless glass sliding doors has completely changed this aspect of a property. Today, seamless views from an interior space into a garden can be achieved by using innovative glass sliding door systems. Thus allowing home owners to enjoy the beauty of their gardens from the comfort and warmth of the interior of the homes and they can do so at any time of the year. During the warmer summer months, the doors can be partially or fully opened weather permitting.

Being able to extend a home into a garden offers the chance to make a property feel that much bigger and the natural light that filters into the interior of your house offers a much nicer environment to spend quality time in.

How To Upgrade Your Home With Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Transform a Dark Room into a Light and Airy Space

Frameless glass sliding doors allow home owners to transform what was once a dark and dingy room into a light and airy space that’s both warm and welcoming whether the system is installed on the interior or exterior of the property which lets the maximum of natural light in.

Fantastic Technology behind the Systems

The technology behind frameless glass sliding doors is exceptional and over recent times has been developed in leaps and bounds which guarantee a long lifespan of good quality products constructed to the highest standards. This in turn means the doors and systems are very capable of withstanding the often extreme weather conditions we experience in this part of the world.

Strong, Weather Resistant Tempered Glass

The glass used in these systems is tempered making it very robust and extremely difficult to break. The panels also boast high U values which in turn means valuable heat is kept inside your property and exterior noise is kept out which makes them the ideal choice of doors to use on terraces and patios. However, frameless glass sliding doors are brilliant when used in bathrooms, kitchens and as partitions in other areas of the home. They are also a great choice for use in an office environment.


These days’ frameless glass sliding doors offer home owners a great way to enhance the look of their properties whether the doors are installed internally or externally. The glass used in the panels is tempered which means it is nigh on impossible to break and this in turn means much needed warmth is kept inside the home yet unwanted outside noise is kept at bay. The systems are made with high quality aluminium and when closed offer a seamless view of a garden area. They are the ideal choice for doors that give out onto a patio, terrace or decking. When used on the interior of a home, these systems allow for rooms to be partitioned when needed yet they allow lots of natural light into the space making it both warm and welcoming.

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