Building inspections are needed not only when you want to buy or sell a house, but it actually has to be done periodically. This is important because a structural damage or any kind of damage and flaws in a property can happen anytime and they could get worse pretty quickly. The problem is, often these flaws and damages are hidden and almost impossible to see by untrained eyes, that’s why you need professional services to check them out.

Buying a Property

When you are in a process of buying a property, building inspection is a must, even if it’s a new property. New houses are not necessarily perfect, the most common problem found in a brand new house are design flaws. Unless you’re an experienced contractor, you won’t be able to notice this kind of problem. A thorough assessment by a building inspector is even more crucial if you’re buying an old house. There could be problems found in its structure, electrical installation, plumbing system, roof, and many other areas.

A good home inspection will be able to save you from making a bad investment decision. A house with many flaws will only make you spend more money rather than getting benefits from this costly investment.

Discover Hidden Flaws In A Property Through Building Inspection

Selling a Property

When it comes to selling a property, a lot of people feel a bit reluctant about spending money on home inspection cost. This is because mostly they think that they’re going to sell the house anyway, so why bother finding some hidden flaws that will make them hard to find a buyer?

This is a very wrong way of thinking, home inspections are beneficial for both buyer and seller. Think about all your effort to find a serious buyer, you probably post lots of ads in newspapers, on the internet, probably also make flyers to find the right buyer for your property. You probably have also spent money on cosmetic repair to make the house more appealing, then held an open house, etc.

Then, by the time you find a really serious buyer and the person hires a home inspector to inspect your house, this potential buyer finds so many flaws and cancel the purchase, leaving you with disappointment and also all those wasted time and energy for a big zero. If you have done a house inspection on your own, you can anticipate such thing and by the time a buyer hires home inspectors, there won’t be anything that would give him/her a reason to cancel the deal.

Periodic Inspection

As said above, besides during the buying or selling process, home inspection is also necessary to be done periodically, once a year or at least once every five years. But if you’re an owner of a commercial property, you should do this at least once a year according to the law in most countries.

Hiring a house inspector actually won’t cost you too much money, but the benefits you can get are really worth the cost.

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