It is considered that saving money is important. However, getting everything cheap does not always turn out for the better. It is thought that what you pay is what you usually get. But what is it like when you buy virtual services, for example VPS hosting? Does cheap mean bad? Does cheap mean less value? Let’s take a peek at cheap VPS hosting plans as an example and see if these myths are true!

Myth#1 Cheap VPS Means More Downtime

Forget about this! It is completely wrong. The price of your VPS hosting does not matter. The downtimes are more of an issue of your hosting provider and the infrastructure that he uses and the security measures of its server placement. The possibility of downtime is not based on the price you pay. You can get the most expensive plan and still face downtime problems as well as thosepeople who pay less.

Myth#2 Paying Less – Getting Less

Not always, actually. Of course, some companies might boost the resources together with its price but if you compare the costs, you might find out that some of the cheapest VPS hosting offers bring you much more resources than the more expensive ones!

5 Myths Of Cheap VPS Hosting Destroyed!

Myth#3 I don’t Need Experience to Manage Cheap VPS

Cheap doesn’t mean easy. If your VPS is cheap it doesn’t mean that it’s simple to manage. You will still need some basic IT knowledge to set up and configure your server and basic information on how to use it. However, you can get a fully managed VPS where you won’t have to worry about taking care of its performance but it will also cost you more.

Myth#4 Cheap VPS Means Bad Customer Support

It doesn’t matter if you spend less or a fortune. Your hosting provider will still have the same customer support for all of them. If it’s good in general – you will be helped efficiently. If it’s not you will be supported the same badly as those who spend a lot.

Myth#5 Bad Reviews = Bad Service

Not at all. Think of how much true there are in those reviews while some hosting companies can arrange ways to get these positive and praising comments or those negative about their main competitors. Before taking everything 100% as true you should make sure if a reviewer is a person that really used the service which is probably impossible.

Many of those myths might form a misperception which will interfere with your hosting choices and your final decision might not be the best one.