When it comes to marriage party, people think that it is better to organize either the marriage party or the wedding reception at hotels and restaurants. All have a wrong perception that if they celebrate their marriage parties at hotels or at palaces then only they can maintain a status and can easily organize the party.

If you are arranging the wedding reception, they we will say that don’t waste your money by giving for decoration at any hotels. You can decorate your home wonderfully like the hotels and palaces on budget. Here, we are giving some tips to decorate your home for wedding reception.

But, before starting decoration, to invite your guests you should do wedding cards online purchase.

1. Drape the Ceilings

In marriage decoration, ceiling matters a lot. so, first you have to choose a perfect colour for the ceiling. If you choose a light colour like yellow, pink or grey then it will be good. But if you want to consume money then take a white coloured ceiling so that it will look great and this will reduce the use of light as white is a bright colour.

Remember one thing! Design your invitation card well. People from India estimate the status of the person by seeing his Indian wedding cards.

Tips To Decorate Your Home Wedding Reception

2. Pick up Patterned Pillow

If you have a spacious and large lounge area then you are lucky enough. To organize the wedding party it’s the perfect place. You can decorate this area with attractive Patterned Pillows and colourful flower base.

You should choose IKEA-style pillow of very magnificent colours like pink, yellow, red, purple, nevi blue etc.

3. Create a Seating Board

We know that you have already distributed the wedding reception invitations. But it will be very good if you keep a seat board. To make more attractive, write in cursive handwriting on the seat board. And yes, we want to give you some more tips about invitation that whenever you are inviting your guests don’t forget to order eye-catching wedding cards for them. If you want to order online then go to weddingcardsplaza.co.uk. Here you will find marriage card designs for Hindu, Punjabi, Sikh and other religions.

4. Add Tissue-Paper Pom-Poms

Apart from ceiling, seating board, lights etc it is very important to concentrate on interior designs. Decorate the interior with fresh flowers. Also you can make Tissue-Paper Pom-Poms and decorate with fresh flower. It can be hung from your ceiling, fans, chairs, windows, doors etc.

Apart from decorating your home with above stuffs, you can Use Table Lamps, Add A Sprig of Herbs, Rent Colored Glassware, Use a Table Runner That Pops etc.

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