When you are sending the parcel, you should pack the packet properly; otherwise your valuables will be damaged. And from the beginning, the courier service already declared their rules about the damage claim. So that they won’t listen about damage claims and give compensation. Below you will find some list of local/international courier on which you will not get compensation from courier companies.

Any dangerous, hazardous and prohibited goods/items will not get compensation.

1. Fragile

In case of fragile items, courier companies will refund your money if your delay happens in delivery but will not pay for damaged items.

  • Some of the fragile items are:
  • Vehicle parts.
  • Cases that are used as external packaging which includes suitcases/musical instrument cases.
  • China and/or porcelain made ceramics or composites which are very weak in nature.
  • PC/Laptop monitors that includes laptops and other components.
  • Items fragranite (Fossils, rock and stone)
  • Furniture which includes flat packed and ready-made.
  • Items made up of glass including picture frames, TV’s and laptops that contain glass are not compensable.
  • Smash up/Scratch in lighting products
  • Plaster items that involves Plaster of Paris and other materials made up of clay.
  • Eggs
  • Cakes of all types
  • In case of Musical instruments if damage occurs then compensation will not be applicable.

Some Courier Items That Are Excluded From Compensation

2. Unpreserved foodstuffs and articles are needed to get special Consignments for delivering to any international destination that the delivery process should take maximum 48 hours. Otherwise the fresh items can’t be compensable.

Items come under Perishable foodstuffs and articles are:

  • Plants,
  • Flowers,
  • Medicines,
  • Seeds and other vegetables.

3. Money and negotiable documents

Money, coins, Confidential and financial/Insurance documents (money’s equivalent). Like Banker’s drafts, Current bank notes, currency notes or coins, Postal orders, Unfranked postage stamps or revenue stamps or similar items are not compensable.

4. Valuables

If you wish to deliver some jewellery then pack it perfectly otherwise you will not get any compensation from courier companies if damage occurs. Those items includes

  • Gold, silver or other precious metals
  • Diamonds and other precious stones
  • Fur (except imitation)
  • Jewellery (except imitation)
  • Sim cards
  • Watches and watch movements.

For global delivery there are other items which will be discussed for next time. Otherwise to know more about international courier like parcel delivery to Canada, US, Netherlands or any country visit www.courierpoint.com where you will find more details about parcel delivery system.

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