Do it yourself projects are always fun to do. It is a relaxing, enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling activity that yields satisfying results. Here are some of the best decorating ideas for your home that is budget-friendly and easy.

1. DIY Safety

Take extra precautions regarding sharp tools, electrical equipment, heat and chemicals that may hurt you and poses a threat to your health and your family. Remember to always ask for assistance. Major accidents happen during home maintenance and do it yourself projects, so it is best that you are aware of such dangers before you dive into it.

2. DIY Decor

Mirrors-Purchase mirrors of different sizes and styles and hang them in the living room wall. They give an illusion of space and reflects light dramatically. It always depends on your preference, there are vintage mirrors and other uniquely-inspired ones to refresh the rooms in your house and give it an interesting twist.

Make and Decorate Your Home

3. DIY Furniture 

Repainting a table- You can easily make an old table new by simply repainting it with some fresh vibrant paint. A little paint goes a long way and it lets you save a lot instead of buying new furniture.

4. DIY Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen-painting the kitchen walls with stencils is always a great and inexpensive way to put some attitude in your kitchen. It only requires a bit of paint and some painting tools and of course, your chosen stencil patterns. Stencils are available in craft stores and you can select from a lot of designs that fits your kitchen.

Bathroom-Installing extra storage space for these can help make your bathrooms look neat and clean. Another option is to make use of ladders as hangers for your towels. You will not only save space, but you can easily access your towels from it. Adding extra containers like pretty weaved baskets to put your shampoos and even toilet papers to give a feminine and refreshing picture.

5. DIY Lighting

Hemp string lamp-the materials you need are hemp string, a balloon and some glue. First, blow up the balloon, then mark the balloon with circles for the neds of your lamp. Start wrapping the hemp string around the balloon, leaving no marked areas showing. Use some really sticky glue to saturate the string and to hold the string in place around the balloon. It will dry up and harden. Once the glue has dried up, burst the balloon and remove it. Install a light bulb afterwards. This is the best thing next to lighting repairs.

6. DIY Soft Finishes

Dyeing your curtains, table cloths and throw pillows-you are going to need gloves, salt and some dye color. Fill a tub with hot water. Add the dye and 1/4 cup of salt. Stir the mixture using your gloved hand. Completely submerge your curtains and other fabrics. Rinse with cold water and hang them out to dry.

7. DIY Walls and Floors

Frame wallpaper for your walls-select a fabric that you like and want to see everyday. A print that is easy on the eyes and makes yu happy. Frame it on hang it on your wall. This is a very inexpensive way to pretty up a dull and boring wall.

Patterns on the floor-using stencils and paint, you can turn your floors into something funky and cool. There are various stencil designs to choose from. Measure the room first, sketch your centerline and then make put your stencils down and paint. Do the process repeatedly until you cover the whole floor.

These do-it-yourself projects are fun to make especially when you have all the time in the world. Unleash your creativity and ingenuity with these projects and enjoy every minute of it.

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