While the digital age may have brought the modern business more conveniences and opportunities than ever before, a wide variety of security issues have joined the benefits hand-in-hand. The simple fact of the matter is that the more a business is reliant on digital data of any kind, the bigger the risks faced should the data either fall into the wrong hands or be in any way compromised.

This poses something of a problem for a great many businesses and the owners thereof as there is often the inherent need to share data access between dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people at any one time. There are of course dozens of popular file-sharing and online cloud storage services up and running right now, but the problem is that the vast majority offer very little when it comes to next-level security. This is especially the case with those that are on offer free of charge – convenient they may be, but guaranteed to ward off the majority of security risks they most certainly are not.

This is where virtual data rooms come into the equation, which for want of a better description are a little like the standard cloud storage systems on offer right now only infinitely more robust and reliable in a security sense. The difference here being that these kinds of storage systems have not only been built from the ground up to meticulously care for sensitive and important data, but they’re also managed around the clock by trained professionals who know exactly how to keep things safe and in order.

Here’s a quick look at the most important benefits of all when it comes to working with a quality virtual data room:

Solid Data Encryption

First of all, there’s usually the option for data encryption unless it is already being offered as standard. This ensures that even if the worst should happen and the data itself is accessed by those without authorisation, it will in fact be 100% worthless to them. The exact level of encryption offered will vary in accordance with the provider chosen, but in the case of a good provider adds another important notch to the security efforts enforced to protect your data.

Full Traceability

One of the most important security provisions that tend to come as standard with a good virtual data room is that of full report documentation and traceability of actions. For example, each and every time any employee accesses the files or any of the firm’s stored data, a record is kept in terms of who they are, when they accessed the data and what they did with it. Every file access, addition and deletion is monitored and tracked in order for company bosses to keep close tabs on what’s happening and at the hands of whom.

Infinite User Account Options

In terms of user accounts, more often than not a free cloud storage system will allow a business to sign up a handful of employees, but that’s where things come to an end. By contrast, with a quality virtual data room it may be possible to add an infinite number of user accounts in order to ensure that the relevant data can be accessed by as many people as necessary – generally at no extra charge.

Manageable Access Rights

In terms of access rights, generally the very best any business can hope for with a free cloud storage system is being able to choose between account holder and administrator. However, with a solid virtual data room it becomes possible to control access rights right down to the finest detail. You get to decide who is able to access what, where they’re able to access it from, what can be added and deleted by whom and even at what times of the day or night the data can be accessed. For obvious reasons, this can be of huge help in any business areas where larger numbers of employees are required to access data at different levels.

Impenetrable Security

Last but not least, going back to the primary point of the article it really comes down to nothing more than robust and impenetrable security as to why businesses choose the virtual data room option. It’s impossible and unrealistic to expect a good level of security to be provided for a service that’s on offer free of charge and open to everyone. As is the case with so many things, unless you choose a service that’s been designed for businesses from the very ground up and is run by professionals, it’s unlikely that a professional level of service and security is going to be offered.