The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to reach the top of major search engines by having search engine spiders on your website to crawl your data as per relevancy. It is not a one-time effort like designing a website. It needs a regular update, maintenance, monitoring and tuning with the time. And for this, you need to have a strong strategic planning with assistance. In this post, we are trying to draw an outline about an SEO check-list which can be beneficial for you to rank your website.

Market Analysis

Every market has its competition among the business owners. In the online marketing world, your area of marketing is going to be huge. You have to analyze your competitors in the search engine to stay ahead. You can pick the top five results from Google listing to start this process. Expand your research if needed and for professional help, you can consult with Click Optimisers for better assistance. Always try to find online free tools like Adwords, Google Analytic, Keywordspy and many more like this to get the exact results.

Do not copy but you can get some useful ideas from your competitors while you are working on your website META tags and content. Create a list of your business search terms according to your market segment and customer base.

Keyword Research

Keyword plays the most vital role in SEO. Choosing perfect keywords from the previous list can be a tough job to do. You need to put some extra time and hard work to search out the best possible key-phrases and words for your website to be ranked in.

You can use Google AdWords tool to get knowledge about the high and low competition and search volume for each keyword you are choosing for your website.

Content Creation and Optimization

There are three types of content you need to use while you are in your very first stage. Meta content, website content and outreach content. In META, you need to write about your company, products and services in short, so that; Google’s crawler can track the main purpose of your website. After that, you have to write content for your visitors and customers in your web pages. You have to use your business keywords in your content as per Google parameters to get rank. Remember; write website content according to your website design and space to make it look better. Lastly, you have to write some content to promote your website on the web.

All the content must be unique, informative and eye-catching for your readers. If your readers are happy with your write-ups then it’ll directly affect your website traffic flow.

Maintain Your Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml File

When you are doing SEO works on the right track then it’s better to let search engines know about it. Through disallow directive to a Robots.txt file you can easily do it but make sure that it’ll not to be shown on a live website.

It’s very important to place a XML sitemap file for your SEO professionals to submit it to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools.

Other Important Factors

  • Internal Linking is a key factor to make crawler detect all your content on the website. It’ll maximize the positive impact on your internal pages and it can be helpful in term of indexing and ranking.
  • Social Media Promotion is one of the most imperative ways to boost-up your popularity among your targeted audiences. Make a proper company profile and start sharing your latest business news, ideas, about your new products, services and all that to keep your visitors busy in your profile.
  • Webpage Loading Speed is another fact you should concern about. If your site takes too many times to open then ask your developer and designer to make it lighter immediately. You can have a bad impact on your traffic for this.
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