Whenever we discuss the question of testosterone, the first thing popping to everyone’s mind is the effect this steroid hormone has on our gym performance. And indeed, the anabolic effects of testosterone do include the growth of strength and muscle mass, but its benefits go way beyond that. Optimal testosterone levels can also lead to decreased body fat, stronger heart, increased libido, improved cognitive ability and numerous other perks, both for men and women. Let us see than how we can raise this useful hormone to the satisfying level.

Natural and Direct Ways To Increase Your Testosterone

Lose Weight

We already mentioned that testosterone helps in burning fat, but this process goes two ways. Namely, according to studies done by Endocrine Society weight loss can reduce prevalence of low testosterone levels by almost 50%. So, be sure to go on a diet, and give your testosterone production initial boost, so it can later work in full swing and provide you with all of its powerful benefits.

Eat the Right Food

Every good diet is not founded on renouncing the food, but rather consuming the right supplements. Testosterone boosting diet is no different, but in this case, aside from eliminating sugars and bad fats, you should pay attention to mineral zinc, which can cause a marked improvement in testosterone production, and even protect men from exercise-induced reductions. The highest levels of zinc can be found in seafood, beef and lamb, but you can also find it in other popular food.

Natural and Direct Ways To Increase Your Testosterone

Use Supplements

Of course there are times when, in spite all of your efforts your testosterone will remain below desired level (usually due to some medical condition), or you will not achieve the desired results fast enough. In that case, you can always resort to safe testosterone supplements, and give your efforts much needed stimulus.

High-Intensity Exercise

Although in usual circumstances every physical activity is more than welcomed, in the cases of raising testosterone, aerobics, prolonged and moderate exercises will do you no good, because they have no effect or even have negative effect on testosterone levels. Fortunately, the number of high-intensity exercises is more than sufficient so you will have no problem finding your ideal physical activity between popular 7 minute workouts, explosive jump-squats, or the usual heavy lifting (go as slow as possible for the best possible effect).

Natural and Direct Ways To Increase Your Testosterone

Drink Enough Water

Just when you think that water cannot possibly be more important you find out that it affects testosterone levels too, and indeed, one of the worst enemies of your body’s testosterone production is called dehydration. So if you want to put an end to this obstacle drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (consume more if you fell your body demands it).

Eliminate Alcohol

Finally, if you want to increase testosterone, you will have to say “Goodbye” to alcohol, which, unfortunately, lowers testosterone, increases estrogen, and in the case of male consumers leads to gynecomastia (breast enlargement) due to increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Just stay away from it as much as possible.

These were top six ways to raise testosterone in your body, but the truth is that neither of them is not perfect on its own terms. Be sure to combine as much of these methods as you can for the best possible results.

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