When we started working on a task, we are dedicated and we try to give our best to the work we do, however, sometimes we distracted easily. Managing your time at work is critical if you want to be able to function well. Here are 5 things you should stop doing at work to achieve it.

Working without Breaks

You may think that working all day without breaks will actually help you. You think you have a lot of time and this will help finish the job faster than usual. But working without interruptions actually leaves you tired and exhausted, and decreased productivity. Despite working hard for a long time, you become less productive.


Humans have the terrible habit of believing that we are more productive if we do many things at the same time, we believe that if we are able to carry on a conversation while we finished a working document, we see a video and also prepare our project.

Many people like to multitask as they think they can finish all the work on time. Assume they have control of their work when they have in their hands all tasks.However, multitasking does lose focus. After a moment, work is being done is wrong or incomplete. If it happens the same, better do one task per hour and will finish the job faster.

Spending too much Time on Social Networks

Most of us do not realize the amount of time spent on social networks. We tend to get caught watching images, GIFs and memes, and unnecessarily, we look at the profiles for hours. This removes the entire production time and leaves us with little time to do our work.


Delaying things that must be done in this is a bad idea. Be sure to finish your work on time and with due process. In this way, you can move forward faster, rather than having tasks of the past that continue to accumulate in the present and future.

Wasting Time with your Friends at Work

There are times when our friends from work distract us from the work we have to do. Spending time with friends is definitely important at work.

Make sure you are not consuming your time with people. In this way, you will be able to handle much better your attention and energy.

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