A couple’s massage is exactly what it says, both halves of a couple get a massage at the same time.  Usually the two beds are positioned close enough that you can talk to each other.  Each person has their own massage therapist and will benefit from a massage of their choice.  It is simply that the massage is conducted at the same time as your partner’s and in the same space.

This type of massage has grown in popularity over recent years and is not limited to husband and wife; best friends have been known to have massages together, as have same sex couples and even moms and daughters.  There is no real restriction on the two people sharing a massage space.

The original principle was simply a space where two people can be massaged at the same time.  However, this has now developed past this and  many resorts, day spas and even hotel spas have dedicated areas where a couple can share a massage and even have a bath together or spend time together in their own steam room.  The idea behind it is that the entire experience is extremely relaxing and this will encourage the couple to bond as their barriers fade and they simply spend time talking.

However, one point that is important to note is that if you are not comfortable seeing you partner nearly naked and being touched by another person, you will not enjoy the experience of sharing a massage.  In fact, if this is the case then you may discover you have more issues after a couple’s massage than you had before.  Providing this is not an issue there are several reasons why a couple’s massage can actually be a good idea:


Many men have never experienced a professional massage and may be concerned about being naked in front of a stranger or what is actually involved.  By going with their partner they will be able to experience the massage and relax; allowing it to be an enjoyable experience that they can do by themselves in future.

Affection and Romance

Many couples who share this intimate experience report that they have an increased level of affection after the massage has been completed.  This is because they are doing something together as a couple and are bonding as well as making new memories to add to their existing pile.  The increased affinity can lead to more public displays of affection and more inclination to romance each other; both at home and publically.


Most people lead very busy lives and it can be difficult to make time for the simple things; including just doing things together.  Having a couple’s massage will force you to spend time with your loved one.  It can actually be a very effective way of reminding you of how important the other person is to you.  You can also take the opportunity to receive the same reminder and reconnect on a deeper level than the normal day to day trivia.

Providing you are willing to share a massage space &and can handle seeing your partner massaged by someone else; the experience can be exceptionally beneficial.

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