‘Vampire facial’ is a sensationalist title for PRP (plasma rich platelet) which means the use of blood plasma rich in platelets. The method is known as facial revitalization with blood plasma, and it is a therapeutic procedure practiced for many years for very demanding conditions and diseases. Also, PRP is the most popular treatment for quick and effective skin rejuvenation.

How it Works

PRP is a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment, which is done by injecting blood plasma enriched with platelets under the skin, which was previously taken from the client. As a result, there is absolutely no adverse health effects. This revolutionary procedure provides amazing rejuvenating results. The essence of the treatment are the thrombocytes (blood platelets) which contain a number of growth factors. They stimulate the production of collagen and keratin. PRP gives back volume to the face, reduces wrinkles, and improves skin texture and tone.

Vampire Facial - Is It Really That Scary?

Is this Facial Rejuvenation Procedure Painful?

Forty-five minutes prior to the procedure the surgeon applies anesthetic cream to the face, so most patients do not feel anything. Then the surgeon draws blood from the patients’ hands, treats it in the laboratory and injects it where needed. PRP treatment itself takes about 20 minutes. After the treatment is done, patients can return to their activities. Slight redness can rarely appear after the treatment, but it disappears after few days.

Many uses of PRP

Only scary on the eye, PRP is used to rejuvenate the face, neck, chest, back and upper arms, the area of the knees, inner thighs, abdomen, etc. It is recommended for people who have problems with hair loss. Very good results are achieved by injecting this prepared plasma into the scalp, which significantly improves hair growth. The treatment is recommended for people who have loose skin with shallow or deep wrinkles. In the elderly, the PRP method can postpone facelift. In younger patients, PRP is recommended for reduction of acne scars.

Are there Any Contraindications?

People with active infection of the skin, acne, skin diseases (SLE, porphyria, allergy), cancer and those receiving chemotherapy, severe metabolic and systemic diseases, disorders of platelet function (i.e. blood diseases) should not be treated with PRP.

Vampire Facial - Is It Really That Scary?

What you can expect from PRP

This, strange to some, procedure is not the surgical face lift, nor does it give the same effect as a face lift surgery. The procedure helps to restore or improve the appearance of a region that has lost volume during aging. Improved skin texture and tone are noticeable within three weeks. The result usually lasts for two years or longer. Regions that are treated include the cheeks and the middle part of the face, the wrinkles around the eyes, nose and cheeks wrinkles, nasolabial folds, neck and jaw line, décolleté, acne scars, hands, etc. The whole procedure (starting with cream application) takes 60-90 minutes, depending on the severity of the case, i.e. the number of regions to be treated. For best results, three to six treatments are recommended, at an interval of 4-6 weeks in a professional facial rejuvenation clinic.

Despite its unflattering nickname, with ‘Vampire facial’ there is 100%, no possibility of allergic reactions. These treatments can improve the overall appearance of the skin, tighten it, reduce wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and give shine to the face. It’s perfect for a completely new look! Results are great and widespread media attention is fully justified.

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