A smart and beautiful looking kitchen worktop can change the entire look of your kitchen. There are different ranges of worktop materials available in the market. If you are looking for an affordale hence smart and durable kitchen worktop material, then Granite worktops are the option for you. An igneous stone created from magnum, Granite is hard, dense and brittle. This polished stones available for heavy duty. Granite is ideal for bar tops and kitchen worktops, with chemicals resistance; however, you need to take care of it from oils and other strains. Regular care of the material will keep the surface always new and bautiful.

Create Your Kitchen Beautiful With Best Granite Worktops

Why to choose Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are one of the most popular choices for smart kitchens. With a perfect finish, they can offer a splendour touch to your kitchen. On the other side, it provides practicality and outstanding functionality. If you are wondering why to pick that material for you kitchen , here are some benefits:

Beauty: Granite offers luxury. Its subtleties and gorgeous hues offer grandeur and elegance. It is polished, and creates beautiful surface to make your kitchen looks stunning and beautiful. You can make you friends jealous with this eye-catching worktop.

Design: Granite worktops will never disappoint you with your desired design. It is available in an extended colours range. While forming, these colours appear, such as black, grey, white, brown, blue, green, red and yellow. No matter how your kitchen, you will be able to find a worktop that complements it perfectly.

Durability: This is durable and resilient. This is perfect for kitchen surfaces. They are heat resistant and resist scratches too. The worktops stay new alwayas, and never go dull like other stones.

Longevity: The history knows the endurance and strength of granite. Top quality granite worktops last lifetime. Buying a granite worktop is a value decision and a good investment.

Granite worktops will add beauty, as well as functional value to your kitchen. With their, versatile design, elegant looks and superior resilience qualities, they add a ‘wow’ factor, and transform the kitchen.

Care and Maintenance

As a natural stone, granite has the characteristic to be porous. It can soke any lequid quickly. Spills and daily uses can easily impale the surface. The liquid will be wiped out or evaporated but the stain will be left behind.To prevent staining, the surface needs to get sealed. It closes the pores and protects the surface from spills. Although, the porosity has different degrees, depending on the stone type. Therefore, you will need to get it sealed very carefully.

Perform a test to determine if it needs sealing. Soak a towel in water or paint thinner and place it on the surface, and wait for 5 minutes. If the area goes dark, your granite worktop surely needs sealing. For oil staining, you need to use perticularlynsolvent-based sealer on your worktop. Before sealing, use oil or stain remover if any case there are oily stains on the worktop. Even after sealing, clean it daily. Daily cleaning will keep the sealer refreshed.

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