A sports science degree assist pupils seeking career in sports coaching, therapy, personal training and development. A student who is studying sport science, can become event organizer, sports administrator, health promotion specialist and sport psychologist. Thus it is important for such student who is looking for sports dissertation ideas to select his or her dissertation topic that could help them to progress in their future career.

Sports Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Here is a list of dissertation titles and ideas to use as your base research.

Physiology and Exercise

Physiological performance and foundation in football: Study on muscular strength as a key factor to determine success among the elite footballers in UK by Uk Dissertation Help.

Swimming and Muscular strength: Case study of human kinetics and functions of skeletal muscle in swimming

Neural variation in resistive exercises: Examining factors that limit performances among the gymnasts and training recommendations

The psychological and physical characteristics of skilled body builders: Examining the co-relation between behavior, nutrition, as well as performance among elite body builders

Isometric power in skeletal muscle: Comparing single muscle fiber strength and reproduction in athletic activities.

Aging effects on muscle functioning and morphology: A study on muscle transformation among women athletes in and after menopause period

Adjustment to training and strength: Neurological and Morphological input to improved bone strength and development in strength training

Strength and adjustment to training: morphological and neurological input for improving bone development and strength in strength training

Nutrition and Strength: Investigating traditional and modern training methods to promote balance as well as strength in retired footballers.

Gender and Muscle Strength: Study of comparative muscular strength in women and men athletes

Muscle strength training in elders: Examination of age related risks and diseases involved in old gymnasts

Nutrition and Sports: Comparative examination on meal matching and pre-game diet activities as well as how they help increase performance of footballers.

Athletic Performance and Nutrition: Study on different nutrition models suggested for vegetarian athletes

Requirement of Protein in strength Sports: Comparative analysis on protein supplement for optimal strength training performance and bone development

Athlete performance and vitamin: Analyzing vitamin supplements for maximum athletic performance

Vitamin Depletion in Athletics: Comparison on protein and carbohydrate supplements for recovering muscular glycogen post strength training

Requirement of iron in sports: Study on level of iron needs among men and women athletes

Athlete Performance and Supplements: Investigation of citrate, bicarbonate and glutamine supplements and their impacts on athlete performance

Caffeine Intake and Athlete Performance: Study of contemporary issues of caffeine and effects on athletic performance.

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