One of the major issues, now that is affecting our planet earth is global warming. This happens due to the rise in average temperature of the earth’s climatic system due to the effect of greenhouse gases and deforestation. Green house gases are studied to block the heat escaping out to space. Global warming occurs when the energy which is incoming becomes greater than the energy which is outgoing.   The heat trapped gradually warms up the environment and hikes the overall temperature. This harmful effect of global warming is endless and very lately, the effects have been happening pretty fast.

Few harmful impacts of global warming are raising sea level, changes in pattern of the rainfall, melting of icecaps, bleaching of coral reefs, etc. Therefore, a panel of conservationists and environmentalists accumulate together to think about the better future of the world. One of them, Jonathan Schrag who states that if we don’t start taking safety measures, then global warming will lead to catastrophic changes that will make earth very hostile to every life forms.

Jonathan Schrag has been taking charge of the Regional Greenhouse Gas or RGGI initiative for a long time and he knows what profits the organisation. The main aim of the organization is none other than making the world a better place to live in. The idea is to reduce the dangerous greenhouse gas emission, thereby, letting the earth breathe pollution free air. Mr. Schrag is presently working as the Deputy Administrator of Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers. Prior to this he was associated with the Environmental Defence Fund, New York University School of Law, Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection or NECHPI to work on environment safety.

His focus has always been to make people aware of the effects from global warming. In fact, global warming is the key ingredient to upset the entire world. He has been thoroughly working on it, thereby, taking initiative to sop all forms of problems causing due to greenhouse gases. When talking about the global warming, he kept on sharing the effective solutions to take good care of the globe. Jonathan Schrag wants all of us to adapt the renewable energy sources. He says that using of fossil fuels can lead to dangerous results like, producing any form of contaminants. The idea is to conserve energy and valuable resources to save the world from damage.

He also suggests us to reduce the usage of vehicles, thereby, contributing towards the decrease in global warming. The world can be a better place to live in if people start availing the public transportation instead of their private vehicles. Usage of bicycles or any transport facility that do not lead to pollution is being encouraged by Jonathan Schrag himself.

So, whatever be the requirement, the focus should only remain that reducing the carbon emissions in every possible way. Let us start investing in those energy-efficient light bulbs and devices that can bring peace to the entire world.

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