Being a big day, wedding is hotshot for a couple. It becomes imperative to endeavour wedding event as a couple are excited for that. In order to make this big day a successful one, prior planning is needed.

Planning a wedding is not that arduous if done efficiently. There are plenty of things to consider during it’s planning. You can’t afford to leave a single flaw. That flaw in planning would devastate your entire wedding.

Planning for the decorations follows up by deciding venue and setting a budget. Flowers are but obvious when talked about the decorations at the wedding.

Wedding Guide: 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Florist

While planning for wedding flowers, there are plenty of things to consider such as appointing florist, ordering flowers, arrangements and much more. Ordering flowers have become easy with online ordering, but major concerns come in appointing a florist. It is vital to take proper care while hiring a florist as decoration of an entire venue is dependent on him. For legitimate guidance, take a sneak peak into the tips mentioned as under:

Make a decision – Florist or a Floral Designer

The foremost step towards hunting a florist is to go for an introspection. Decide upon whether you need a florist or a floral designer. There is a vast difference between both of them.

A Florist sells and arranges plants and plucked flowers whereas floral designer is an artist that uses plant materials and flowers creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The biggest difference is the cost. Floral designers are bit expensive than a traditional florist. Of course, floral designers are an artist and have special skills regarding flowers arrangement. This doesn’t mean that flower arrangements crafted by florists are awful. So, it’s up to you, whom you opt for the decorations.

Ask Around

A number of florists are available in the market. Rather, it has become even more easy to find them online. You simply need to search for a florist and add your location such as online florist in London. This way you can get to know about many florists.

While surfing and knowing about various florists, it becomes essential to make proper research on the florist. As it is a one-time investment, it is essential to know the reputation of the person you’re hiring.

Ask your surrounding people to know about the work of the florist you’re hiring. Choosing a florist randomly might ruin your wedding and it would end up being your biggest regret.

Visual Inspiration

Collect as many pictures of flower arrangements for your reference. This might help you in conveying the idea to the florist and ask him to decorate that way.

Explore the designs and varieties of flower arrangements. It can be searched online or from magazines. Thousands of varieties are available in wedding themes. Pick few of them and consider those while discussing it with your florist. This way you can take visual inspiration and throw a clear idea of what you want and in which way.


Budget is the most prerequisite step in any kind of planning. Knowing how much money you want to spent is the key to success. While planning for a big day, of course, a budget would have been fixed. Likewise, the budget for floral arrangements is essential. Consider all the major expenses and set a fixed budget for the same.

Once set with a flower budget, make it clear with your florist and discuss the finances. When this is done before executing real work, there won’t be any disputes later.

Consider the above points before you select any florist for wedlock planning and make it a successful event.