This New Year’s instead of making New Year’s resolution for yourself make some New Year’s resolutions for your email programs. For an email program to be successful, marketers have to analyze and overhaul the sending strategies, message content and tools at least once a year in order to ensure that the recipients are engaged and are still enjoying the content the brands are sending them.

The coming of a new year is a time for some resolutions and also fresh starts, so it’s a perfect time for r evaluating and revamping email marketing services and programs.

By cleansing the email lists, reworking on the templates and refreshing the content, the marketers can begin 2017 with a fresh and brand new approach to their programs and helps in re-engaging and even in winning back some customers who might have got disengaged towards the end of the year.

How to revamp the Email marketing program?

1. Clean your email lists: Cleansing the subscriber lists of all the invalid emails helps in lowering the risks of bounce-backs, which can directly affect the deliver ability rates. If a marketer emails a list that has too many invalid addresses, there’s a good chance that the domain might notice and own its own assume that the brand has poor collection practices. This can make the brand’s email go in the junk folder, or can block the sender also.

To avoid these things in email marketing Platform, marketers use list verification services to improve their campaigns. This helps in ensuring that the email lists are accurate.

2. Give your template a facelift: Branding inconsistencies in email templates can happen very easily in between marketing and other types of email marketing services. For example, the password reset emails or transnational emails look immensely different from various other brand messaging emails. That is because transnational mails are usually automated and get to set up and even forgotten very easily.

You will see that marketing emails usually get updates more normally as the marketers keeping on testing and adjusting their messages accordingly. They also compare themselves to other brand emails.

If you want to refresh the look of your emails then, this is the right time. But always remember to include call of action in the header.

3. Refresh your content: Once the templates have been refreshed and are ready to go, the marketers should revisit their content strategy for the New Year. A brand’s goals and objectives might have shifted from 2016 to 2017, so keep that in mind. Also keep on checking and seeing what other brands are doing and build your mails accordingly.

4. Launch a win-back campaign: If you see that less of customers were engaged in the end of 2016 then you don’t have to worry, instead you can this year try more to launch a comeback campaign engaging more customers. This will increase the marketing approach and also get back all the loyal customers. Analyze all the engagement activities and build you email as well as Text message marketing strategies accordingly.

With all the above mentioned tips, one can freshen the email marketing services and also engage more subscribers.

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