But Why? What does that mean? Just imagine having a place, where all your PSD files would be converted into its corresponding HTML pages with the help of a software that gives you what exactly what you want. Sounds great, right? Well, understand that there is nothing as such possible and it is far from reality just like Shangri-La.

PSD to HTML conversion is not that easy. You need to make use of a software for the conversion, which works with some predefined rules to convert the file as per the demand of design and functionalities. Things are more complex than they appear and if you are planning to go this way, you will find here everything you need to know about the situations that you are going to face.

Garbled Conversion

As stated earlier, when you convert PSD to fixed HTML or PSD to responsive HTML, the developers define the operatives to get a finite potential conversion of PSD to HTML. Here the scope of the automated conversion would not be enough compared to the demand of higher functionalities. Again when someone goes for such an automated conversion, the chances are more that he or she may get a muddled result which will make the conversion non-deliverable.

Buggy Result

In the event you decide to go ahead with the free conversion for your PSD files, just be ready to get a number of bugs. Again with limited scope, you will end up with a number of exceptions which in the end is not going to give you a satisfactory result.

Visibility Compromised

Whenever you go for a free PSD to HTML conversion, know that it will merely convert the files and will not implement anything else into the website like making it SEO-friendly. So even if you manage to get a free PSD to HTML conversion, you will end up losing some of the valuable audience for your website.

No W3C Compliance

When you go for a free PSD to HTML conversion, you will not get codes that go with the W3C standardisation just like the ones that developers hand code by giving their dedicated time.

Loading Issues

The codes that are generated through a free conversion are heavily loaded and it ultimately slows down the application. So you are eventually left with the option to optimize the codes to increase the speed of the processes. This is again going to cost you more and consume more time.

Compatibility Issues

The codes generated this way come with compatibility issues compared with the codes handled by CSS which helps to get bespoke codes for the application. Such bespoke codes can be created by a professional web developer.

You may be tempted by the free online conversion services, but it is sad to say that, they come with some glitch even after the digital market has soared high today. Always make sure to get the right developer for the work who will get you the conversion with all the functionalities, W3C compliance and bug-free. In short, everything gets done perfectly.