Dying Light

It’s gonna be a long night… Dying Light places the player in the role of a survivor of a vicious outbreak. In this first-person survival horror, players will spend the day scavenging for parts and supplies, and the night trying to survive the onslaught of aggressive undead hordes and other predators. Weapon crafting, four different playable characters and more zombies than you can shake a spiked, electrified stick at… we think it sounds awesome!

EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC

EA Sports did a great job with boxing in Fight Night, but Mixed Martial Arts was always better left to THQ. Now that THQ is gone and EA have snapped up the coveted UFC license, they’re looking to step up their game and deliver a new UFC title that is brutal and realistic. This includes the first-time use of full body deformation, which will add even more realism thanks to the power of the latest consoles. We’re excited to see what EA Sports does with this…

Fable Anniversary

The original Fable might not have delivered on all of its promises, but it was still a pretty awesome game. And it’s getting a make-over. Changes to the rerelease of the original will include improved graphics, an improved interface and a more seamless experience, Smartglass supports and… wait for it… achievements. This last one is quite a thing for fans, because the original game never had them. And we all love chasing achievements, don’t we?

inFamous: Second Son

While inFamous fans may wail at the fact that Cole McGrath has been replaced by a dude wearing a beanie for this latest instalment of the inFamous franchise, Second Son is about so much more than poor headwear choices. Using the power of the PS4, this game promises a massive, super-powered punch in virtually every field, and should leave fans of free-roaming action titles breathless. And it’s just around the corner…

Infinite Crisis

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA to their friends) games are extremely popular, so it’s a no-brainer to smash a popular genre into a popular license and see what happens. Infinite Crisis will be a super-hero flavoured MOBA, and a DC Universe flavour to be specific. Various character have already been announced for the game, including Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Wonder Woman and, of course, Superman. It looks like great fun, and it’s going to be free-to-play, too!

Kingdom Hearts 3

It may have seemed ridiculous at first, but the recipe of combining Disney properties with a Final Fantasy style world really worked. 11 years after the first game was released, the third core title in the Kingdom Hearts franchise will see a mature Sora once again teaming up with Disney characters to save the day. There really is a charm to doing combat using Goofy and Donald Duck, and fans of this unusual franchise will likely be thrilled with this new adventure.

LEGO: The Hobbit

Is anyone really surprised by this? They shouldn’t be – LEGO The Hobbit is, quite frankly, a no-brainer for Warner Bros and Traveller’s Tales, and will no doubt present the player with tons of stud-grabbing, brick-building action. And we’re fine with that, because LEGO games are getting better and better – just look at Marvel Super Heroes as an example.

While we don’t know too much yet, it’s pretty safe to assume that this title will follow the expected LEGO formula and will be great fun.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

While a direct Final Fantasy sequel is a rare thing, it doesn’t herald the end of the world. Not our world, at least… in Lightning Returns, the player will take control of the titular character in a bid to save a doomed world from destruction. Possibly most exciting is the new battle system the game will bring in to play, which will give the player more direct control over Lightning. Fans should be rejoicing…

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