Streaming video is practically everywhere online nowadays and has come a long way since the early days. Today, full high definition video streaming is commonplace, and it is used for a number of purposes – from YouTube videos to independent webinars, live streams, and so much more.

As you probably well know however, recording streaming video is difficult. Most streaming video websites and services do not provide a link for you to download the video itself, so you are ‘forced’ to be online when you watch it. Normally this doesn’t present a problem but in some cases you may be going somewhere where you know the internet connection is spotty and would want to have a recording available. In that case – the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the solution that you should look to.

Essentially the Movavi Screen Capture Studio can act as a streaming video recorder. By capturing whatever is happening on your screen, all that you need to do to make it record the video that is streaming is set it to record the area where it is playing. To do so:

  1. Set the capture window to overlap with the video by dragging it into place and then resizing it accordingly.
  2. Ensure that system audio is selected so that it records the audio from the stream too.
  3. Start the recording by clicking the ‘REC’ button and then wait and stop the recording when it is done or do so automatically with the timer feature.
  4. Edit and then save the video as required by using the numerous presets to optimize it based on the platform that you intend to use it on.

The reason why the Movavi Screen Capture Studio does so well at recording streaming video is because not only does it record in full HD but it also comes with numerous other features that you can use to trim, combine, enhance, and even add special effects to your videos. In short, you have everything that you would require to not just record streaming video, but also produce a professional-looking video if you choose to do so.

At the end of the day it is up to you to decide how you’d like to utilize the features that are available, but suffice to say you will be able to easily save streaming video and watch it later.