Shoes are not just the greatest objects of a woman’s affection; Men also love to have a few nice pairs of shoes for their wardrobe. Online and offline stores have a broad range of shoes for men, meant for various occasions. Some men like to visit physical stores for their shoes whereas some like to download an app from their favorite online footwear fashion store. Both the online and offline vendors might provide a great variety of shoes for men, but rarely do they offer ready-made wardrobe suggestions. To handle this situation, we have come up with some variety of shoes for men that every man must have in his wardrobe to leave everyone flattered with their fashion and styling sense.

  • Loafers: You will see these in every other man’s foot. Yes, no doubt that they have become a style statement for people across all age groups. From college going lads to the party-loving one’s, everyone has got them. Making it is a must have.
  • Work boots: Do you regularly work on uneven surfaces? Then these are a must have. They provide you stability and safety on such surfaces. Many times you might escape a cut just because of these shoes for men.
  • Chukkas: Simple office casual wears. That’s how they are seen. The reason is simple enough. They are stylish and at the same time look professional enough. Not only this, they are comfortable enough on a slippery floor in your office.
  • Dress boots: Indeed they are different from work boots. They are not tough enough but are sexy enough to raise everyone’s eyebrows when you wear them under hot denim. Get ready to receive attention from all your female admirers when you walk with these.
  • Gym sneakers: Everyone wants to stay fit these days and also don’t want to compromise on their style statement. If you are a gym freak, then grab these gym sneakers. They are fresh and comfortable for training and fitness purposes.
  • Street sneakers: There are varieties in sneakers as well. You cannot simply wear your gym sneakers on streets. Need a reason? The question is similar as to why football is not played with a basketball. Hope you understand now.
  • Flip flops: Flip Flops are a must have option for almost all the men on the planet. Whether you want to go for a walk or a casual beach outing, these are always ready to go with you. The most important part is that they are economical and even college students can use them to attend classes.
  • Men’s sandals: They are as precious as sandalwood in a man’s life. While flip flops might be unfaithful to you for running and rough purposes, the sandals hold on to you in these difficult times. Do not exclude them from your collection.
  • Formal leather shoes: They are a must. You might be attending a marriage party, a formal office related presentation, your college farewell or any such formal occasion. They can be black or brown, but they must be shiny and clean for sure. They say a man’s character is reflected by the way he keeps his shoes.

Visit a shop or download an app, but make sure that your shoe closet has all the essential footwear that you should have.

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