The importance of installing the latest Antivirus software and updating it cannot be stressed enough. Given the dangerous threats and malicious programs that are constantly increasing, an antivirus software is vital for facilitating uninterrupted internet browsing, the safety of your device and protection of important documents and files.

Having established that this software provides the best virus protection and is crucial for the health of every gadget, be it a PC or laptop, let’s focus on which application to choose.  Most users assume that Antivirus software is designed to detect malware and ward off threats, and often overlook evaluating the product. However, not all Antivirus online utilities are similar. In fact, one needs to understand the various features on offer and even compare different programs before implementing it across the systems. Read on for 7 key features that one should consider in a robust security solution.

Real-time Scanning

This dynamic feature does away with the ordeal of running a manual scan to determine if any systems have been violated. Real-time Scanning is perpetually monitoring your computer and instantly detects the presence of the nasty virus, thereby preventing any damage.

USB Scanner

This is a great option for people using external storage drives. The feature automatically scans USB drives for malicious entities and also displays the results in the main pane before opening the files. This beefs up the system security and safeguards from autorun viruses.

System Analysis

The latest Antivirus programs also scrutinize systems for signs of malfunctioning, which can be a warning of a virus infection. Once the issue is identified the tainted file will be quarantined or deleted.


If you are mulling over Antivirus download, check out the dynamic feature of auto-clean. This component immediately deletes the malware code on detection rather than placing it in a quarantine zone, thereby removing all traces of a potential threat.

Protects Against Various Malware

There is various malware like Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses, cookies, bots etc. that can harm your computer by exploiting flaws in the operating system. It’s best to opt for a program that has the potential to spot every single threat compared to one that just focuses on a specific type.

Fast Scan Engine

The scan engine which is the key module of any Anti virus program should provide optimal protection and have the fastest possible response. Given that malware can penetrate thousands of computers within no time, it should have the ability to detect threats, identify the traits of the virus code and its precise location within a file immediately.

Online Security

The Anti virus online program should offer a functionality that alerts you if someone attempts to access your computer illegitimately. Look into a feature that prevents pilferage of personal information like bank details and blocks shady websites with harmful downloads.

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