Returning from long flights can leave us feeling disoriented and tired. This is caused by disrupted internal body clock. In this case, we need to deal with problems related to improper circadian rhythm. There are multiple symptoms, such as upset stomach and reduced memory performance. In this case, jet lag can alter the inner working of our brain, causing learning problem for days or even weeks. If we plan to go to distant countries with 12 hours of differences for daytime and night-time, it is a good idea for us to plan our recovery time. This will reduce the overall level of anxiety and stress.

Each of us has 24-hour internal clock known as the circadian rhythm and this can be affected by changes in day-night cycle. The new time-zone can be radically different than our internal clock. The rhythm can adjust to the local condition, but this will take time. As our internal clock is re-synched, jet lag symptoms will appear. However, frequent flyers tend to be more conditioned to this situation and they can fully recover in just a few days. WHO consider late night work as carcinogen; so we should be proactive with our health and try to re-sync our sleep patterns as soon as possible.

How To Deal With Jet Lag

If we suffer from jet lag, it is a good idea to implement some very simple techniques. The problem seems to get worse during an eastward travel, compared to westward travel. In general, for each one hour shift in time shift, we will need to have one day of recovery.

  • Take low dosage of melatonin: Melatonin is a type of hormone that’s secreted by the pineal gland in our brain. Its main purpose is controlling the circadian rhythm of our body. By taking melatonin supplements, we should be able to allow our body to adjust quickly to new surroundings. For people who suffer from jet lag, they can take 0.5mg of melatonin for three night, preferably one hour before local bedtime.
  • Adjust our watch and see it often: If we often use the watch, we are conditioned to think that it represents the real time. By adjusting the watch and seeing it often, it will be much easier for us to accept the new time.
  • Homeopathy: There are multiple homeopathy products that can help us to lessen symptoms of jet lags. We will feel less tired and restless.
  • Use Valerian: Valerian is a natural aid for good night sleep. It should help us to properly adjust with the current time zone. In this case, it would be much easier for people to fall asleep at specific desired time. Good thing about valerian is that it’s not addictive and we won’t experience grogginess the following morning.
  • Adjust our diet: When we have reached the distant destination; we should eat light meals, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Protein-rich diet could stimulate the production of dopamine and carbohydrate-rich can improve the production of melatonin. In this case, we should choose healthy sources of protein and carbohydrate.
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