If you’re still active Windows XP in your organization, you’re apparently acutely acquainted of the awaiting end of abutment for the admirable — but berserk accepted — Windows XP operating system. Released in 2001, Windows XP was originally absolved as a “play toy,” acknowledgment to an interface that bodies compared to Fisher Price products. But with a brace of bedrock solid account packs, XP became the absolute crammer of the enterprise.

And again forth came Vista. There’s apparently not abundant I can say actuality that hasn’t been said elsewhere. Vista was an arrant abortion on the allotment of Microsoft and its affected and ailing planned development process.

Next came Windows 7. Abundant like Windows XP, Windows 7 has been greeted with abundant accepting in both the customer and action spaces. As a result, abounding organizations fabricated the jump from Windows XP anon to Windows 7. However, affluence of others couldn’t absolve the time and amount of alive to a fresh operating arrangement back Windows XP was altogether viable, so a lot of companies absitively to delay for Windows 8.

And today, Windows 8 has been abundantly accounting off as a debacle, abundant like Vista. This leaves organizations with an advantage to move to Windows 7, which charcoal an accomplished operating system, move to Windows 8, which is advised aerial accident for many, or acquisition means to stick with Windows XP and abide to accomplish it assignment while the apple awaits the absolution of Windows 9, which we all achievement is a acknowledged undertaking.

Economics of an upgrade

From a authentic economics perspective, afraid with Windows XP would about assume like a no-brainer. After all, it’s big-ticket to move to a fresh platform. All kinds of testing needs to be done, not to acknowledgmentcomputer appliance that has to be rewritten to assignment with those newer operating systems. Further, there is a charge to shop for advancement licenses for those organizations that don’t participate in one of Microsoft’s licensing affairs that includes Computer appliance Assurance.

Of course, back it comes to appliance compatibility, vendors apparently won’t chase to accredit abutment for an end-of-life operating system. Organizations allotment to stick with Windows XP charge to accept that they ability be larboard abaft the ambit back it comes to deploying newer software.

There is a bright business case for afraid with Windows XP, but organizations charge be acquainted of the risks and challenges in accomplishing so.

Windows XP Users: Here Are Your Upgrade Options

Appliance virtualization to the rescue

Fortunately, there are means that organizations can assignment about this appliance affinity affair while blockage on Windows XP. One such adjustment is to use a apparatus such as VMware’s ThinApp appliance virtualization. With ThinApp, administrators wrapcomputer appliance deployments central a basic shell, which contains the apparatus that are all-important to run thecomputer appliance on any accurate system. With such a tool, organizations can, for example, arrange Appointment 2013 on Windows XP systems — a book that would not be accessible otherwise, back Microsoft doesn’t abutment an XP/Office 2013 combination. While this adjustment adds a band of authoritative aerial tocomputer appliance deployments, it is an able way to stick with Windows XP while continuing to get pleasure the allowances of fresh software.

Leverage the allowance of anti-malware extensions

Security will be the better botheration for those who accept to break with Windows XP, and organizations will charge to abide anytime acute in their action adjoin agenda crime. Fortunately, Microsoft and others are authoritative this aloof a bit easier. Microsoft this anniversary appear that it will abide to accommodate anti-malware abutment for Windows XP through July 2015. In addition, added aegis vendors accept apprenticed to abide to abutment Windows XP. After all, there’s still a bazaar there!

Lock systems bottomward back possible

High levels of arrangement rights are one of the primary vectors acclimated by attackers to accommodation a system. Back accompanying with abeyant aegis issues in the basal software, these added privileges can be devastating. Windows XP users about accept actual aerial levels of admission to the arrangement and their efforts can administer cogent accident back affliction is not exercised. Microsoft has taken accomplish to abate these kinds of risks in newer operating systems, but to apparatus newer systems in XP would accept meant absolutely reengineering the product. So, we accept what we have.

For organizations planning to stick with Windows XP, it’s time to attending at solutions that can advice save users from themselves. This may beggarly aggravating to accomplish after bounded authoritative rights or alike appliance a apparatus such as Deep Freeze to anticipate a user from accidentally alteration article on a arrangement and introducing a compromise.


When you leave the appointment on April 8, 2014, that will be the aftermost day you’re active accurate Windows XP systems in your company. But assumption what? Nothing will attending altered back you airing in on April 9. Over time, though, there will be appliance and aegis challenges that charge be overcome. It will booty some time and acuity for administrators to accomplish abiding that their organizations can abide to do business and abide defended while additionally continuing to run Windows XP.

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