Helping confused, irked and angry customers is a very challenging task. At times even the experts also fail to make customers happy and lose them to competitors. On New Year, we all make many resolutions to improve personal and professional life. With the month is almost over, many of you must have broken already broken your resolutions.

You must be thinking why am I talking about New Year resolution now? Actually, in this blog we are going to talk about resolutions customer agents can make to improve the quality of their services. There is no hard and fast rule that you should make resolutions on the New Year’s Eve only. There is no specific time to improve your work. You can still make resolutions and follow them strictly to win more happy and satisfied customers.

Here are 4 big changes that you can bring in your customer service process and technique to make it extraordinary.

  1. Be nice to your customers

This is a very simple resolution but difficult to keep. Many companies have a lot of negative reviews for their rude staff and bad customer services that I guess you would never like to earn. Being nice is not difficult; it is a simple quality you need to develop in yourself as a customer support agent. Even when talking to your customer through live chat software, your messages should show your politeness and empathy. If you are nice to your customers, you can even melt a difficult and problematic client.

  1. Use only positive communication

As a customer service agent, you must be aware of the basic reason for your hiring. You need to resolve customer problems. Customers calling you or contacting you through the live chat widget added to your website look for an explanation of products or the right buying process that they are not able to complete on your website. So, when they contact you, it is your duty to use positive communication and solve their problems.

Sometimes when customers don’t understand the things, they get frustrated and get aggressive with the agents. This might upset you, but being a customer support agent you need to keep yourself calm and use positive communication. This will also help your customers cool down and listen to you carefully. But this is possible only when you come out of the ‘I can’t do it’ attitude and strive hard to find a solution to every problem.

If you find it difficult to understand the customers and don’t know about the solution, you can politely apologize to the customers and can get back to them after consulting with your seniors. If you follow the positive approach, soon it will become your habit.

  1. Stay calm when tackling rude and difficult customers

When working as a customer support agent, you will come across different types of customers. While some of them will be too nice and great to talk with, others will be really hard to handle due to their rude behavior. There can be various reasons behind their rude behavior like the faulty product or difficult buying process.

There are high chances of getting into arguments with such customers. This behavior of yours can spoil company’s reputation and can put your job in danger. As a customer service professional you should practice self-control and try to manage your tone when talking to difficult customers. Though customers cannot listen to you when talking through web chat software, they can get the idea from your messages.

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  1. Get more engaged in your job

There are many people who take up certain job out of compulsion and don’t give their hundred percent in their performance. There can be various other reasons as well behind not focusing on the job like less salary, boss or colleagues, but whatever is the reason ultimately you are hampering yourself. If you don’t like your job change it and if you want to continue with the same job engage in it more to win your customers.

You can look for techniques to get more engaged in your job like asking for more responsibilities, getting into friendly conversations with customers and maintaining distance from the colleagues who spread negativity around you. Once you engage into your job, you will find it interesting and look for other ways to make it more enjoyable.

Every year we make so many resolutions. This year, try to keep these resolutions and see the magical changes in your work with increased number of happy customers.