What we want to find out is if we can simply combine the two in a fitness regimen and if there are any pros or cons of doing so.

Can You Effectively Train Both Yoga And Weight Lifting?

Short answer: Yes. You can effectively train both yoga and weight lifting. They work on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Yoga is physically demanding more in the aspect of cardio and flexibility, while weight lifting does not always rely on endurance and puts more of a focus on strength. You can easily combine the two in your fitness regimen without any worries of over training or combating the other.

Yoga and Weight Lifting

The Advantages of Performing Both Yoga and Weight Lifting

The benefits of each of these types of physical activities are obvious. Yoga helps to improve flexibility, promote equilibrium, lower blood pressure, improve energy levels, decrease depression, and improve memory, lower risk of injury during other physical activities, and literally dozens of other benefits as well. Weight lifting is also highly beneficial as it increases muscle mass, improves strength, provides better overall conditioning, increases happiness, improves depression, and much more.

Now, there are many benefits that the two activities share or that will work interchangeably. An important focus should be put on the increased flexibility from yoga. This will help better your performance in weight lifting training. The decreased risk of injury while training is also to thank from the yoga activities. Of course, as your general conditioning improves from weight lifting, you will be more efficient in your yoga performance as well.

Yoga and Weight Lifting on the Same Day?

A common question that is asked is whether it is safe or not recommended to have both yoga and weight lifting on the same day. Generally speaking, you are able to perform both yoga and weight lifting on the same day – however, there are a few precautions that you will have to take to assure that you are doing no damage by performing both of these on the same day.

Firstly, it is important to realize the amount of muscle tissue fatigue that can occur with both of these activities. Weight lifting is more physically demanding in an obvious manner, but yoga can take a lot out of you too. Michael Wren (a well-known fitness expert of United States) also mention in his weight destroyer program that the issue arises when factoring recovery time as you may be preventing muscles from recovering on an off day for that particular muscle if you are still performing yoga movements. As a result, it is recommended in weight destroyer review that you perform yoga and weight lifting on the same day only to the extent of focusing on the same muscle groups that are worked in the gym as you do when performing yoga movements.

Yoga and weight lifting are both very physically beneficial activities in their own right. They are highly recommended and when combined they can do a lot for one’s overall health and conditioning. With that said, you should definitely incorporate the two in a fitness regime together as long as you are not overtraining yourself as a result.

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