Keys to success with Digital from an agency in Birmingham

The fact of the matter is that wherever you are in the world, there are some things that don’t change at all. Everybody drinks Coca Cola, everyone over ten has a Mobile Phone and everyone accesses the Internet and uses Google. It really matters not at all where in the world you are located, the challenges of doing business in the Twenty First Century are all digital and the challenges of digital are nearly all related in some way to Google. These are just facts of life right now.
When you are too busy to listen to politicians and see only what is at face value right in front of you, the world is a tiny place and we are all very alike worrying about pretty much the same challenges every day.

Why you must gain and retain some Digital marketing Expertise
What we have come to realise as an agency over the past year or two is that we really must focus most of our attention on teaching our clients to fish and less time and energy on doing it for them.
The reality is that Digital is not an interesting new aspect of business, Digital is business going forward and to be successful, you, I and everyone else are going to have to become an expert if only to be able to work with partners like ourselves successfully.
We have been flattening the barriers ourselves for the past two decades working with suppliers, employees, freelancers and now clients rom Iran in the 90s to Tibet, Africa and every far flung corner. By so doing, we have been able to assemble the best talent while at the same time paying our people better than any competitor can and charging our clients less.

Partnering seem an-over used cliché, but when it actually happens it is a breath of fresh air for everyone involved.

Our new approach is to offer clients an opportunity to take in parts of their digital strategy with support available from ourselves as needed, while only outsourcing to us over capacity or parts where they have as-yet not developed the necessary skills.

We are gradually developing and improving a partnering framework whereby you can begin by developing or revising your Digital strategy, either alone or with our help and then planning out how and when it will be delivered selecting in-house, NV8v or other source services to carry out the work and achieve the outcomes you had defined in your goals.

These services could include a combination of On-Page Optimisation for SEO, content writing, editing, placement for Outreach, Links placement, Citation placement, Online Reputation Management, Advert writing, Social media Management, Keyword research, Campaign management, Analytics design and set up, Conversion funnel design and implementation, Marketing Automation platforms with automated email, downloads, SMS, Notifications, Bots, PR, Events, and all the other channels and tactics you may choose to include in your digital marketing mix.

We can help with planning them, deciding the best way to execute, training or supporting your people and handling as much of it or as little as you need us to.

This way you are growing your in-house capability, but you are never alone and you are always able to cope with what is thrown at you.