There are hundreds of web design tools on the market today, with new ones coming out regularly. So many so that it is often hard for designers to determine which tools really are worth their time. Below are a number of web design tools which are worth checking out and adding to your web design toolbox.

1 – Vivaldi

The first tool in the web design Auckland list is Vivaldi. Vivaldi is a web browser that is easily customisable to meet the designers needs and preferences. It is created using JavaScript, React, Node.js, and NPM modules. Other features which make this web design tool user friendly includes a panel for note taking as well as the ability to stack and tile tabs for quick reference. In addition, there are web panels which make it easy to access favorite websites quickly and easily while completing a design project.

2 – Antetype

The second tool up on our list is Antetype. This tool is useful for creating responsive UIs. Antetype comes with widgets. These widgets can be used to develop prototypes and begin designing right away for a number of different devices. Some common devices include most Android, Windows, and iOS based devices. Another great feature of Antetype is the ability to network with other Antetype users, including being able to share UI kits with one another. This tool is very efficient and user friendly, making it ideal for creating prototypes to present to clients or developers.

3 – Form

Form is another great tool for iOS users looking to do web design. However, it is not intended to create graphics in the app, but rather uses “patches” which are inputted into the app to create graphics for prototyping. One added benefit of using Form, is the number of tutorials available to make it easy to get started using with a basic understanding of how to manipulate an image on the “x” and “y” axises. Paired with Form’s ability to access your device’s camera and sensors and you have the potential to create excellent website design Auckland prototypes.

4 – Marvel

Marvel is connected with the designer’s dropbox, making it easy to access the files they need from within the program to begin designing. Unfortunately, the program requires the user to have a dropbox set up, but this is easily remedied in most cases. An added plus of Marvel is the ease of being able to transition between different pages and preview work being done on a project. It is also easy to choose the type of format to use for the design and make necessary adjustments. This includes the ability to make adjustments for multiple platforms, like Android, Windows, or iOS based devices. Lastly, the app is extremely user friendly, and makes it easy to share a project with other designers, developers, or clients for their input.

5 – Webflow

Last on our list is Webflow, which is a web app designed to allow the user to create websites without needing to use coding. Instead, the UI is set up so the designer has the ability to focus specifically on the design itself. Some knowledge of code is still needed when using Webflow, but is not the focus. Webflow also makes it easy to preview the design through preview mode. Unfortunately, the app is limited with no drawing tool, but it still allows a responsive website design Auckland to be quickly and easily created. An additional plus of Webflow is the ability to publish and host the website after it is created for a nominal monthly fee.