Maintaining curly hair is not an easy task. They tangle so often and easily get dry. Hence, the washing and conditioning of curly hair require proper process and effective products that don’t harm this type of hair.

The type of shampoo and conditioner that is used to wash the hair, decides the oil content and moisture on the scalp. Hence, it is very important that people with curly hair narrow down their options in terms of shampoos and sulfate free conditioner to safeguard their hair.

Here are Some Tips for your Sulfate and Silicone Free Conditioner

  • Use the best sulfate free conditioner to avoid damage to the hair:The dryness of curly hair enhances the possibility of damage. Hence, it is wise to invest in a good quality conditioner that is manufactured without using the toxic sulfate.These conditioners contain very mild ingredients that work on your hair gently and repair the damages.
  • Use sulfate free leave in conditioner to wash your hair twice a week: It is obvious that you need to wash your hair with a non toxic shampoo before conditioning. However, the point to note down here is that the washing should not be done more than twice a week. The reason is the dryness of curly hair that gets enhanced due to frequent washing. However, the shampoo, which are generally sulfate free  shampoo, do not damage and dry your hair.
  • Use sulfate free deep conditioner in case your curly hair is too much damaged: People facing too much damage or dryness in the hair should treat their hair with deep conditioners to provide proper moisture and nourishment.But avoid any conditioner that has harmful chemicals, especially sulfates.To enhance the effect of the conditioner, apply it on your hair before the shower. Keep it for a while and then wash it well.This method allows the hair to attain most of the moisture from the conditioner.
  • Use special sulfate free conditioner for curly hair to Co-wash your hair: Co-washing is the process of washing the hair only with conditioner without using the shampoo.The method gets more effective with a conditioner that is free of sulfates and silicones.The moisture need of the curly hair is higher than regular hair; hence, this method becomes really effective for this type of hair.Make sure that you are not overdoing it.
  • Use something so after than a towel to dry your hair: With all the curls, the wet hair becomes more prone to the damage.Also, the fabric of the towel can cause irritation to your hair.Hence,it is better for you to dry your hair with a soft cloth after having a shower.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you are using a heat protectant during the blow dry process.Curly hair has the tendency to dry naturally.Hence, you can avoid blow drying. However,if you feel like that you need blow drying, try limiting it twice a week.

Hopefully, all these methods will help you in maintaining that stylish hairstyle of yours!

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