The wonderful world of hair extensions.

There is always a benefit and a downfall to any hair care regimen but I have a few tips to ensure you know all the in’s and out’s to getting the Best Hair Extensions experience possible. If you are a first time customer there are some important information to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and leave you satisfied.


First, always purchase 100% human hair, most beauty supply stores carry many lengths and colors. Human Hair may be more expensive than synthetic hair products but 100% real hair is going to allow you to style, flat iron and shampoo the hair like it is your own, including any color treated hair or ombre hair extensions. If you opt for the synthetic hair extensions beware, you will not be able to treat like your own. Absolutely no heat should be applied and this hair will most likely be better for a one time use.

The option of weather you would like glue-in, braided or fusion is the next decision that needs to be selected. The glue-in extensions will only be for a temporary or one time use. This application is where specialized hair glue is applied onto the extension directly to the scalp. The glue and extensions will have to be re applied each time the client uses them and can fall out easily.

A braided or fusion option is going to be the best hair extension option if you are looking for long term wear. The braided service can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months. The process of braided extensions is where the whole scalp is braided into a circle and has the human hair extensions sewn into the braids. The client should have enough natural hair to have braided and be sure that the cut and color of the extensions are what they want for at least the next few months.

Fusion hair extensions are the most permanent to last up to 6 months. Fusions are bonded close to the root of the hair with a clamp and glue. This style is one to which it would be the easiest to apply the ombre hair extensions and make look the most natural because it is individual hair pieces. Make sure to watch out while brushing the hair to not snag the extension on the brush to avoid the risk or pulling out natural hair.

There are pros and cons to each but all in all, if the client cares for their hair carefully after the service they will indefinitely get the Best Hair Extensions experience.

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