Some travelers are quite happy driving small cars or medium-size cars when they head out for vacations. Others choose something on the other end of the vehicle scale, quite literally taking their homes along with them in large recreational vehicles that more closely resembles buses. Each individual has his or her own preferences for how he or she wants to view the scenery and travel from one attraction to another.

Some people find perfect vehicles somewhere between the size of a car and the size of the much-larger vehicle. For them, there are excellent choices in smaller RVs that will still deliver all the amenities that a holiday traveler could desire. This gives you a great blend of driving efficiency and comfort whether you need sleeping room for two people or four.

The Amenities

For example, when you arrange small RV rental from one of the most progressive companies in the industry, you have access to all the modern features including a fridge, two gas stoves, a sink, and two comfortable double beds. The vehicle provides plenty of room yet is easy to drive and very economical on gas. Dual batteries give you the power and peace of mind you want when on the road.

Amenities include two butane gas stoves, a sink with tap and drain, a 5.2-gallon water tank and a 6.6-gallon wastewater tank, a table for dining inside, a CD/DVD player, power steering, and AC in the cabin. When you rent your RV, you can also make arrangements for kitchen cutlery and dinnerware as well as other utensils. Arrange for a bedding kit that contains linens, a pillow, a duvet, and a towel. Talk to a representative and ask about available GPS, camping chairs, an external picnic table, and more.

If your travel plans are made for two people, you also have the option of renting a small RV with a comfortable double bed. This vehicle also includes a fridge, two gas stoves, a kitchen sink, and a dual-battery system for plenty of service. Amenities include a 5.2-gallon water tank, a 6.6-gallon wastewater tank, an internal table, a DVD/CD player, cabin AC, and more. As with other small recreational vehicles, you can request available cutlery and dinnerware, utensils, bedding, and more.

Why an RV?

It would be easy to come up with one good reason for using an RV for your vacation transportation. In fact, you might want to take a closer look at several reasons. One experience that you won’t have to worry about is the stress of a small hotel room. A small recreational vehicle can be a great choice for taking some of the pressure off of family travel. There’s space for each individual and, when you stop for the night, you have the great outdoors at your disposal.

This vehicle choice can also help you stay on budget during a family vacation. You can reduce food costs by preparing meals and eating in or beside your RV occasionally. This type of travel can save you half or more over traditional hotel and attraction vacations. When you plan your next road trip, think RV. You’ll be glad you did.

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