There are obviously woman roles in superheroes storyline and this is something that’s interesting to talk about their roles. Despite their superhero status, these characters often can’t just drag any woman for their personal enjoyment. In reality, women often provide additional significant qualities for superheroes. In fact, without these women, they will cease to become better persons. It’s so easy to see how the bumbling and rather awkward Clark Kent is easily overwhelmed by that fast-talking Lois Lane. The entire Superman storyline will be much less colorful without the fast-paced Ms. Lane and she often becomes another “kryptonite”, that reveals the more subtle weaknesses of Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent. Even so, Lois Lane is able to help Clark Kent to find his true calling, in turn; Superman constantly rescues Lane in her frequent near-death occurrences. Things are a bit more different for Bruce Wayne and Vicky Vale.

Vicky Vale looks for bats in the Gotham City and when she meets Bruce Wayne, she is fascinated by his mysterious aura. Wayne lets Vale to enter deeper into his personal life. Instead of dining on a large table, Bruce brings Vale into the kitchen, that creates a closer and more personal connection. In this occasion, Wayne’s loyal butler, Alfred shares his story from when Wayne was still young. Alfred often suggests to Wayne that he should bring Vicky Vale closer and Alfred even brings Vale into the Batcave, revealing the true identity of Batman. The plot becomes more complicated as Joker starts to take an interest in Vicky Vale. It means that Batman needs to take a role of rescuer, just like in many superhero storyline. Joker, as Batman’s arch-villain, consistently tries to kidnap Vale, due to the apparent relationship between the two. This brings a new dilemma of whether it’s the right decision for Wayne to bring Vale into his in the first place. Again, this is a dilemma that plagues both Clark Kent and Peter Parker.

Mary Jane is an ideal woman for Peter Parker. Just like Vale, she knows the true identity of Peter Parker. This allows Parker to become his super-self, giving himself a full flexibility of doing many things. Just like Lois, Mary Jane was first attracted with Spiderman, although, although he also know Peter Parker in person. In the film, we see how Mary Jane has confused romantic life. She has romantic relationships with a number of persons, due to Parker’s reluctance to include her into the very dangerous life as a superhero girlfriend. As Spiderman, Parker continues to rescue Mary Jane in a number of situations, starting from robbers and the attack of Green Goblin. Jane first started as an object of Parker’s crush and eventually as the usual damsel in distress. In many films about superheroes, women are often depicted. They are not always in need of help, but could occasionally stronger than the superheroes themselves, providing the counsel and guidance in the most difficult and trying times.

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