Tyres are one of the least interesting parts of your vehicle, that’s just a fact. You probably don’t think about your tyres very much unless they are flat. While that’s understandable, it’s also a problem. Your tyres are generally regarded as the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Interestingly, they are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road. No matter how much you drive, or where you drive, your interaction with the road is completely dependent on your tyres. That is why they are the first line of defence against certain potential problems. For example, tyres are the defence against wet roads. Wet roads are not as much of a threat to healthy tyres with good tread, but if you don’t pay attention you won’t know if you have good tread. Furthermore, tyres can affect your fuel efficiency, significantly.

Tyres that are underinflated rob you of fuel efficiency by increasing the friction between rubber and road. Tyres that have a slow leak and need to be replaced will frequently be underinflated. Tyres that have tread which is too pronounced will also hurt your fuel efficiency by increasing friction. If you have these problems, you need to replace your tyres. The issue is whether you need new tyres of used tyres. Discount Tyres Brisbane is an example of a team that provides both new and used tyres.

New Tyres

New tyres are most people’s first choice. These are tyres that have just come out of the factory and have never been on a vehicle. In terms of longevity, new tyres are the obvious choice. They will last the entire intended life of the tyre. Manufacturers generally have a lifespan that they intend for their tyres. If you buy the products when they’re new, they’ll usually last the entire intended time. However, they will cost you more. You are paying for a brand new product that is designed to last. That is going to cost you more money in the short-term. If you look at the prices, at a place like Discount Tyres Brisbane, you’ll see that new tyres are slightly more expensive. However, new tyres will last longer. At that point, it becomes an issue of mathematics. If you buy a new tyre, it might cost more than a used one but it will last longer. You have to decide when you want to spend the money. If you are intent on buying cheap tyres in Brisbane, you should look for used tyres.

Used Tyres

These are tyres that have been on a vehicle in the past. If they are in good shape when they come off the vehicle, the mechanics will generally inspect them for damage and then sell them. If they have problems, they will be repaired before being sold to you. They can be retread or patched so that they are like new. A used tyre might not last as long as a new tyre, but it will cost you less. If you want to save money immediately, you should definitely consider used tyres. They are a quick and affordable way to fix problems without spending too much money. Also, when you buy from professionals, you can trust that you’re getting great tyres even if they are used.

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